Fantastic Beasts: Cases

Nothing like the Potter universe to enjoy magic and sorcery. English writer J.K Rowling endowed us with a wonderful fantasy world from which it is hard to tire. What began as a series of children’s books ended up becoming one of the most valuable franchises of recent times. Download Fantastic Beasts: Cases and start playing right now.

It is not surprising that everything related to the magical world ends up being a success, and today we bring you a title based on one of his funniest books: Fantastic Beasts. Enjoy and Download Fantastic Beasts: Cases, an entertaining game of finding hidden objects. Prove that you are a true fan and recognize all the objects!

If you are a lover of Harry Potter world you will love Fantastic Beasts: Cases

This adventure title developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises is quite simple to play; you will have a list of lost objects and you must find them in the shortest possible time. You will have an assistant who will help you in case you need it, but you should be careful when you use their help because it is restricted.

As for enhancers, you can use several like timers to stop time. You must be a true Harry Potter fan because the objects belong to the magical world. Get ready to track spells and meet interesting characters in this new search adventure!

Although the title is directly related to Fantastic Beasts, the scenarios in which you will find yourself are part of the Magic World of the original saga.

From the first moment you will arrive at the Ministry of Magic to join the Beasts Division and from there on you will continue to investigate in the locations that we already know. You will find yourself looking for objects in places like the Chudley Cannons, St Mungo’s Hospital and many more.

The graphics are quite good, the animations of the spells will make you remember the days of Harry, Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts. But the real key piece of the game is the soundtrack. The scenes are accompanied by the melodies that are now a classic of cinema and provide the perfect dose of nostalgia.

How to download Fantastic Beasts: Cases?

You can download Fantastic Beasts: Cases on any of your Android or iOS devices from the respective app stores. You can download this app for free but we must warn you that it contains advertising and some objects can be paid for with real money. Do not miss the opportunity to be for the incredible universe of Harry Potter. Below we leave the link to download.

Fantastic Beasts: Cases is a fun game with which you can spend hours of fun. The story will keep you entertained as you delve into this Potter universe. If you are a true fanatic, you will really enjoy this title that will transport you to the world where you can be a magical detective in search of fantastic creatures.

Download Fantastic Beasts: Cases and reveal the secret of each magical case. It is a game in which the speed with which you advance is not so fast, you will need energy to complete each task and get it is not so fast. But if you have a little patience and you enjoy mystery games with a magic touch, then you will have no problem.

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Download Fantastic Beasts: Cases
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