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About the app

Finding all the information we need about different topics in one place is the dream of anyone who needs or likes to keep up with the news. Download Feedly to have all this at hand.

Being able to manage and find this information from different sources updated every time you need it would be incredible to speed up our days.

That is why apps like Feedly are so well received by users. In this app we can find a feed reader and what it does is compile all the sources you indicate and show you the most updated information daily in one place.

You will not have to do more zapping among so many web pages to get what you want. Download Feedly right now.

Feedly will be an excellent way to find out everything

By using Feedly you can make your subscriptions to web pages that you like and then get all your content in the feed of this amazing app. We recommend using this tool since you can access your Feedly from any mobile device and find your feed organized with the information you are interested in.

The most important advantage of this app is its immediacy to any web page. You will always have updated content and you will be able to read it at all times without limitations. The app gives you the option to choose how to view your feed; you have the option of doing it type magazine, cards, grids, list of articles and others.

You can synchronize your social networks with Feedly; so you can share with your followers and friends everything you find and you think is important. In this app you will have the option of adding up to 100 news sources for free. Then you will have to access your paid plan and thus have access to other options such as a statistical analysis, word alert and even save backup copies in DropBox.

To register in Feedly you only have to access its interface through your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote or Windows account. The screen of this app is divided in two; On the left you will find your categories and subscriptions and on the right side you can read all the news, blogs and pages you want.

The integration of other important app within Feedly as Linkedin, Twitter, Hootsuite and others. It is one of the best advantages that the app has because you can share with immediacy without being left behind at any time. The simplicity of this app is what makes it so special and useful for anyone.

How to download Feedly?

You can download Feedly in the App Store and in Google Play for your IOS and Android devices for free. Within this app you will find some options if you want to expand your usage options. Below we leave the link to download Feedly.

We recommend you to download Feedly and organize your favorite pages in one place. Invite other friends or users to follow your blog in your Feedly and keep them updated with your own content. Stay up to date and surprise everyone with your level of information. Download Feedly now.


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