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As women it is always advisable to keep a record of our menstrual cycle to learn more about our health, especially if you want to have a baby. Pregnancies are often difficult to plan if you don’t have the right tools to help you do it; so for this and much more there is Fertility Friend. Download Fertility Friend now and start knowing all the details you need of your menstrual cycle to get pregnant.

Fertility Friend is an amazing app that will help you to learn more about your body in many ways in order to plan a pregnancy. Know what your fertile days will be and learn to identify them by the symptoms that your body shows. This is one of the most complete apps on the market to record the period and to control your chances of pregnancy. Start right now to enjoy everything this app has for you, download it right now.

To know everything about this fantastic app you just have to keep reading this post. Below we will show you how to use this app and how to download Fertility Friend on any of your devices. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more with everything that this app offers you.

Use Fertility Friend to plan a pregnancy

Fertility Friend is a calendar of the period a little different from all the ones you probably already know. This app is specially designed for all women who want to get pregnant. With this app you will be able to know in depth what your fertile days will be from the beginning of your period. So you can know the days with the highest chances of getting pregnant.

One of the best things that Fertility Friend has for you is that you will not only be able to see what your fertile days are on your Smartphone, but you will also be able to recognize them according to some symptoms that your body shows. So you can learn much more about your anatomy and achieve your goal of getting pregnant easier and with less stress.

This wonderful app includes many tools that you can use to record your period and all the other symptoms and aspects of your menstrual cycle. With these data the app will create easy-to-understand statistics to better record your fertile days.

Finally when you get pregnant you can change the app to pregnancy mode and thus you can keep a complete record of all aspects of your pregnancy. Download Fertility Friend right now and enjoy everything this fantastic app has for you.

How to download Fertility Friend?

If you want to start using this app to keep track of your fertility, all you have to do is download Fertility Friend right now on your mobile device. This app is available for Android and iOS and you can download it from Google Play and the App Store. At the end of this post we leave you the links to download this app on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Although Fertility Friend is a free app to download, you can pay the Premium version to have all the functions. Download this app and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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