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Managing storage on a mobile device is still a complicated task; the phones are often filled with photos, apps and documents that can often collapse memory. Luckily Google brings a tool that solves this problem. Download Files Go to start using this amazing app.

Files Go, as the name says, is an intelligent file manager that helps you with the task of managing and optimizing the storage space of your cell phone.

Files Go is an excellent and powerful tool that is personalized over time and makes intelligent recommendations to free up space. It allows deleting files, moving them from one place to another, copying them to different directories, sharing them without the need to use mobile data or the Internet and much more.

This tool is an essential app to improve the functioning of any device. Download Files Go right now on your Smartphone.

Discover everything that Files Go has for you

The app has automatic filters designed to locate unnecessary files on the phone. Locate old resubmissions, photos, videos and audios that have been backed or duplicated.

Files Go also offers suggestions on how to get rid of those files to free storage. It also alerts about apps that haven’t been used in the last 30 days so you can uninstall them.

Files Go also offers file transfer without interruptions. Files can be sent and received without the need for the Internet or the use of data; the sending is done through Bluetooth and it is necessary that the other person also has Files Go installed.

It also has a WPA2 encryption, so it provides a very secure file transfer. Another good feature of this App is that you can back up your files in Google Drive or Dropbox before deleting them permanently.

Google designed the Files Go app mainly for the Android Go platform; with the app as one of the nine Google services included in the package, a way to bring Android to low-end devices. But now thanks to the latest update, Files Go can manage the files of the microSD card.

Another new improvement is that now you can transfer and manage files on an Android tablet, downloading Files Go is the best decision at the time of wanting to improve the operation of the device.

How to download Files Go

To Download Files Go is very easy. The app is only available for free on the Play Store for all phones with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and later versions. The app is not avaliable for iOS.

It is a lightweight app, it only weighs 44 MB and hardly uses system resources. It has the advantage that its interface is very simple and intuitive.

To Download Files Go on any device is the best way to optimize your performance, if you have not done so, you should download Files Go right now to enjoy all its benefits. At the beginning of this post we leave the link to download this wonderful app.


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About Files Go
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