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Surely it has happened to you that when you check your bank account you don’t remember where all your money went. Luckily, today there are different applications that will help you keep track of your finances. One of them is Fintonic, an application that will help you control your accounts, and the money that goes in and out of them. This way it will be very easy to know in what you have used your money and control your savings and expenses. Download Fintonic and it will be very easy to spend wisely.

Fintonic is a financial application that is so complete that once installed you will not want to use any other, not even the official application of your bank. If you want to know more about the use and download of Fintonic, keep reading this post. Because in this post we show you everything you should know.

How does Fintonic works?

After you download Fintonic, you can have absolutely all the information you want to control over your economy.  Like expenses, income, transfers, weekly and monthly summaries, and all the information related to each of the movements. Once you enter the application and you have login into your account, always with the encryption and security of any application of this style, you can see right away the latest movements and the total balance. As well, you can see the total income and expenses.

In this way, you only have to select the bank in which you have your account. You are able to include more than one. This tool has a detailed report of each one of the income or expenses. These are included automatically and intelligently in a category that will help you to know where the expenses or income come from. This category can be modified to better manage your registration.

Fintonic is quite flexible. You can enter accounts from several entities and tell it which accounts you want to be shown and which ones you do not want to see. For example, a shared account. Fintonic also has a tab that will give you advice on all commercial aspects in which an expense may occur, so we can save a lot of money if you follow their ideas.

It should also be noted that Fintonic includes the option of sending an email with each movement at the time it occurs. For those who don’t open the tool frequently but want to be informed of everything that happens with their money.

How to download Fintonic?

Download Fintonic will help you reduce your expenses and put order with your income. It is a very complete tool that you can have on your smartphone. You can also get it for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store for devices with the operating systems Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) respectively.

To make the things much easier for you, at the top of this post we will leave the direct shortcuts of this app on these stores so you can go download Fintonic right now.

Video of Fintonic
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