Fire Emblem Heroes

The console games adapted to mobile devices are now here to stay. The most popular games have been appearing in versions for smartphones and tablets and have been so successful that it keeps coming. Fire Emblem Heroes brings to your devices the acclaimed Nintendo role-playing saga “Fire Emblem”. It is a game of strategy and role with great influence of European medieval folklore, now adapted to small screens of phones and tablets. It has simple controls and battles designed to play anywhere and time of the day. If you want to take the RPGs that you like most about your consoles everywhere, you must download Fire Emblem Heroes and enjoy this new experience.

This game requires strategy, but guarantees a lot of fun with legendary role-playing characters and heroes that you can even play in multiplayer mode. In this post we show you how to play it and how you can download Fire Emblem Heroes.

How to play Fire Emblem Heroes?

As its classic successor game, Fire Emblem Heroes consists of a series of turn-based strategy games in which the player manages his characters by a map. The objective of this is to defeat the enemies to fulfill the mission of the chapter, which can be to take a castle, survive certain turns the enemy attack, kill all the enemies of the map or defeat a boss.

In this strategic game you can gather the heroes of the entire Fire Emblem saga to create your army and take them to victory through their different turn-based battles. To be the best army you will have to improve the skills of your characters with the objects that you must collect throughout the history of the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes has different game modes. Apart from its story mode you will find a way to practice and gain experience. Another way to face off against rivals from around the world. And also a mode of special events that temporarily allow you to play special maps. You can even put it in multiplayer mode.

When you download Fire Emblem Heroes you will notice that it contains many elements of the central plot of its predecessor in the console. But it also has multiple novelties that will leave you trapped. Among these novelties, you will have avatars with invocation powers to call legendary heroes of the game. There are new characters as well as legendary heroes.

How to download Fire Emblem Heroes

Download Fire Emblem Heroes is very easy you can already have on your device this excellent classic game on the consoles. You can get it completely free in the Google Play and App Store to have it on your Smartphone or Tablet. It has some optional purchases within the application for the acquisition of orbs, but you can also get them for free during the game. Requires Internet connection especially if you want to use multiplayer mode. At the end of this post we leave you the links so you can download Fire Emblem Heroes.

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