If you are looking for a good browser on your phone, it’s probably that you already thought on Firefox. This server is one of the most popular browser on the Internet and it is also available for other devices like Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is very fast, safe and easy to use, that is why a lot of people have it as their favorite. If you want to know how to download Firefox and what can you do with it, we will explain you on this post how to do it and what you should know about it.

Benefits on Firefox

Firefox is an open software initially designed for Linux. Recently has made new changes becoming the fastest browser on the Internet, but also the most private. Having Firefox on your phone gives you a lot of benefits like a personalized browser, instant synchronization on all your devices, an amazing privacy against trackers, having plugins and so much more.

Currently, everyone uses a browser to do simple tasks like looking for some information, going to an specific web, downloading files, saving links to read later, looking for images and so much more. But most browsers are heavy and can slow down your phone and they can also consume a lot of battery and memory. This is where Firefox stands up, because is two times faster than the older version, is way lighter than any other popular browser and keeps your privacy intact.

With Firefox you can synchronize all your bookmarks, history and passwords so you can have access to them on all your devices. You can also use the Send Tabs option that will allow you to share your open windows from your smartphone to your PC. You can personalize your theme anytime you want by choosing the one you like, and you can also install plugins that will help you with your daily tasks.

The most important benefit is that your information is safe. Firefox avoids trackers, so any page can use your information to show you ads. It also offers a private navigation and with this option won’t save your history or cookies. So, if you want to download Firefox on your phone, keep reading to know how to do it.

How to download Firefox

To download Firefox you just need to follow some simple steps. From your smartphone open the app store and search for Firefox. It will show a few options, but the first one is the traditional one. Tap on it and tap on the download button to install. After a few minutes it will be ready to use on your phone.

This app is available in Android and iOS. It is a free app so you won’t have to pay anything for downloading it. If you want a shortcut, you can use the links we offer you to download the app at the end of this post so you won’t have to do the whole process.

Firefox is by far one of the greatest browser for every devices. Download Firefox right now and start having fun with it!

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