If you like physical activity, having a fitness life and maintaining good eating habits, this app is the right for you. This app will make your fitness routine much easier. Fitbit is an app that will allow you to keep a complete record of all your physical activity; as well as your eating habits, and even your sleeping time and rest habits. Let’s see how to download FitBit and how it works.

If you own some of the Fitbit devices like activity monitors and smart scales, now you must have the Fitbit app to have the complete pack. It is very simple, with this app it is easier to exercise, eat better, control your weight and sleep better.

How does Fitbit Works

FitBit has multiple physical activity controls and scales to help you stay in shape. This FitBit fitness app is designed to help you maintain your physical routine. The first step to your new fitness life is to download Fitbit.

The optimal way to use the official Fitbit app is with one of its devices (on sale from their website). Depending on the device you have, FitBit is able to record everything and will help you measure all your physical activity throughout the day. Like the steps you take, the floors you climb, and the calories you burn.  And up to a ranking where your results are compared with those of your friends who have FitBit devices.

In addition to measuring physical activity, Fitbit will help you keep tracking of all the food and water you eat. The app will recommend a daily amount of water that you should drink, so each time you drink a glass of water you should add it to the app. In the same way, Fitbit will mark you a daily amount of calories that you should not exceed, and allow you to record all the meals you eat.

Another function is to record how you sleep with a Fitbit monitor and use the application to check if you have slept well. See your sleep trends and set yourself sleep goals to improve your nighttime habits.

This app offers a complete and well-presented statistics, but FitBit fitness device is needed to get the most out of it. However, if you want to monitor your activity but do not have a Fitbit monitor, you can use your smartphone to record basic statistics;  such as steps, distance and calories burned. And if you have more than one Fitbit monitor, you can connect multiple monitors to one account: the Fibit application will automatically detect each time you switch from one to another.

How to download Fitbit

Download FitBit is so easy and you can get it in, Google Play and App Store. You can connect it wirelessly with your Fitbit monitor or use its functions only with your Smartphone. At the end of this page we leave you the links so you can download this app right now.

Download Fitbit and turn it into a center for your healthy habits. Start controlling all about your health, sports activity, eating habits, water consumption, and so much more!

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