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Need a flashlight app on your Android, but not sure which one to choose? We’ve got your solution right here, with the best flashlight apps and convenient download links. Personally, I use my phone’s flashlight on so many occasions, I can’t imagine life without it.

Whether I’m feeling lazy when I wake up at 3 am and need some light to check something in the dark, when I walk down a dark street, or even when I want to find my keys under the bed! (How the heck do they get under there, anyway?) So, the humble flashlight has become one of my favorite, and most used tools on my Android phone.

While most recent smartphones come with a flashlight app pre-installed, but many of them don’t. So, I’ll tell you all about the top ten best flashlight apps that use the back camera flash as a flashlight. You can download the one you like and use it on your mobile phone the next time you have to stumble your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

This app has a nice on/off switch. One of its features is strobe or blinking light. It’s totally free, no ads or in-app purchases.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight has pretty simple controls. It also includes features like strobe and blinking lights, and you can control them easily. It’s available to download for free.

Brightest Flashlight Free

The name says it all: it’s a bright flashlight app. In fact, it might be the brightest among the tons of flashlight apps in the Play Store, although it uses the same flash on the device as all the other apps. This application is also free to download.

Flashlight – MEGA Flashlight

This flashlight app has a good number of features, like screen light, which you can use when your LED isn’t working, Morse Code, strobe lights, warning light and Police lights. The size of the app is under 2 MB and it doesn’t use a lot of your battery.

Amazing Flashlight

One of the things that makes Amazing Flashlight so… well, amazing, is that, unlike some of the others, it has a widget that can be placed on your home screen. That way, the flashlight can be easily turned on or off from your home screen and you don’t have to open up the app at all.

Color Flashlight

This app is slightly different from other flashlight apps: it colors your flashlight, so you’ll have a colored light instead of the regular white camera flash. You get to choose the color you want. It’s customizable and fun.

White Light Flashlight

This app supports lock screen widgets, and that makes it a little more interesting than the others. When your device is locked, you can turn on your flashlight without the need to unlock the phone. In emergencies, this is a great advantage.

Laser Flashlight

Yes, LASER! Who doesn’t love it!? This app is a flashlight with a laser-like design, and when you turn it on, it will look pretty much like a laser. Simple and fun!

Crazy flashlight

This app is pretty crazy and fun, just as the name says. You’ll find a ton of options within, and you’ll even be able to use disco lights! It also has a very bright light, and for me, this is pretty important for dark places. And the best part, it’s all free.

Flashlight by SimGears

This app supports four different widgets so you can switch it on and off from the device’s home screen. What I really like in this app is that it automatically turns off the flashlight if you put the phone back into your pocket. Also, you can customize the app’s appearance and widgets.

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