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If you like animation this app is ideal for you. Making animations with FlipaClip is really easy and very entertaining. This app is available for Android and iOS totally free. It is ideal for professionals of animation and all those who want to learn to animate cartoons. Keep reading so you know everything about this amazing and fun app. Here we show you how to download FlipaClip and all the details about the app.

FlipaClip uses the method that was used a few years ago to animate cartoons.  At the beginning of animation the sequence of actions of the character was drawn up on paper and then they showed every image faster. In this way the movement was created, which makes an animation. That’s how the great cartoonists started, like Walt Disney. Now you can make your own digital cartoons if you download FlipaClip.

How to download FlipaClip?

To download FlipaClip is very simple. This app is available in the Android and iOS app stores completely free. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts for the installation.

This app was designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy Note, but due to its great success is now available for the rest of the Android devices and for iOS. Within the app you can make purchases to improve the toolkit. With that you can improve your cartoons to the fullest.

How to use FlipaClip?

As we mentioned earlier, FlipaClip works with drawings by layers. To download FlipaClip is excellent to start learning about cartoon animation. It is also ideal for professionals. Everyone can make cartoons with FlipaClip.


Start by creating a ‘project’. Choose the dimensions of the canvas in pixels and the final resolution with which you want to save your animation. Now you just have to start drawing. Create a drawing in the first layer. Add as many layers as you want to do the sequence of movements. When you have finished all the layers press the button to reproduce your animation. As simple as this you can create animations, comics and more with FlipaClip.

The app has very good tools to draw. In the free version you will have a pen to which you can change the size and opacity. You will also have a tool to select, tools to make straight lines, circles, squares and more. Also, you will  find a color palette and coloring tools. If you want to buy the Premium package you will have other types of pen and a much more complete color palette.

To use FlipaClip -like all drawing apps- it is better to use a digital pen. This way you will have more precision when making your drawings. You can use any digital pen that works for your Tablet or Smartphone.

When you finish creating your cartoons, FlipaClip allows you to automatically upload the file to YouTube. So you can share your cartoons with friends. You can also share your clips on social media or send them to whoever you want. Download FlipaClip, be part of the community and start today to make your animated cartoons.

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