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Virtual reality is getting closer to our lives every day. It is no longer just a reference for video games or science fiction movies. With the technological advance of mobile devices we have easy access to new apps that provide this service. Download Fulldive VR to discover everything that this app brings.

For a while now, virtual reality has reached our reach in different apps. Most of them are easy to download and use but they require special VR glasses to start.

One of the most commonly used glasses today are the Google Cardboards that are compatible with most apps, including the Fulldive VR.

Use Fulldive VR to enter the world of virtual reality

The Fulldive VR app has been a new virtual reality platform; which is complemented by some functions of a social network.

Within this app we can enjoy videos and photographs in 360, 3D content, we can browse the web; also watch videos on youtube with this type of 360 format in the highest quality. And we can access our photo gallery.

We will find in the app a very varied library that contains videos and photographs that have been taken by users of this app. From the same app we will have access to the 360 ​​content generated on YouTube directly. We can also follow the content that our friends in the app publish and we will see your comments without any problem.

Getting an app that offers the whole experience of virtual reality is incredible. In the app we find different sections; One of the most important is '' discover ''. In this we will find all the content that is generated within the community of Fulldive VR; and so you navigate easily with much content available.

The Fulldive developers try to show a much wider screen in virtual reality glasses. The great job is to try to provide the best 3D experience from your mobile.

When you download Fulldive VR you will see the split screen because it creates cinematic 3D vision for each eye.

This app continues working for its development and evolution in the near future. Possibly when downloading Fulldive VR we can see other platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Roku from it.

In this way we will have movies in virtual reality at our reach at any time in the simplest way we have imagined.

How to download Fulldive VR?

You can download Fulldive VR on Google Play and the App Store for free. It is a very light app to download and fun to use.

We recommend you download it and we suggest you immerse yourself in what seems like another world full of new content for you and your friends. Below we leave you the link to download Fulldive VR.

Virtual reality has been a dream for gamers for many years; this app will allow you to play more than 500 games and the best thing is that this type of content will continue to grow.

Have fun and invite your friends to play through reality and virtual where you will feel part of the game and make your experience much more real.


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Fulldive VR

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