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Start playing the game of the most famous TV series right now. Download Game of Thrones: Conquest and continue enjoying Westeros but now with you as the protagonist.

If you have not heard of Game of Thrones, you've been living under a rock. The fascinating novel by George R.R. Martin came to the television screens to become a success. And as it could not be missing, Warner Bros. International Enterprises brings Game of Thrones to your cell phone screen.

Build and defend your house; Join the Great War against the feared White Walkers and conquer new lands with the best strategy. Play Game of Thrones: Conquest and be part of an epic adventure.

Play Game of Thrones: Conquest and be the best of the kingdom

When you start the game you can choose an avatar, design and create the banner of your house and your name. Once you get into the game, you will have to grow your kingdom every day, while you are busy assembling and preparing the best army.

At the beginning, the game shows you a very simple tutorial on how you should use your resources to build buildings and improve your troops. You will receive daily rewards to help you move forward; and you will also receive rewards after finishing a specific task.

The multiplayer mode is of great importance if you want to be the one who sits on the Iron Throne; you must form alliances to be more successful when invading your enemies.

On the map you can see the strengths of other players and you will find different creatures that you can catch. Form alliances and interact through the chat when it comes to a battle. Download Game of Thrones: Conquest and I know who stays with the throne.

Download Game of Thrones: Conquest, play with your favorite characters and discover all that this incredible adventure in Westeros has for you.

Create the best strategy to make your kingdom prosper and form the best alliances so that no one can defeat you. Face this challenge that follows the plot line of the series and be the best strategist that Westeros has seen. Conquer and defeat your enemy!

Enjoy this great title that Warner Bros. International Enterprises puts in your hands.

How to download Game of Thrones: Conquest

You can download Game of Thrones: Conquest on any of your iOS or Android devices through the App Store and Google PLay stores.

It is a free download game but with rewards and advantages that you can pay with real money. The game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Do not stay if you live this great experience and continue enjoying life in Westeros from your Smartphone or tablet. It's a little heavy juice, so make sure you have enough memory space in your device.

Winter has arrived and you are the chosen one to wage the great battle. Do not miss the opportunity to download Game of Thrones: Conquest.


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Game of Thrones: Conquest



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Game of Thrones: Conquest

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