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About the app

Farm and town building games are very popular and TownShip is one of the best titles because it mixes both categories. The game is very simple; each player must build a prosperous city starting from the production of a farm. If you like farm games do not hesitate to download TownShip on your Smartphone or Tablet.

One of the characteristics that have made TownShip a successful game is the development capacity of the city. The game allows each player to invest according to their level of progress. The more the player advances, the more chance there is to create and produce resources and build larger buildings. Download TownShip and enter this virtual world that you can build to your liking.

Create the best city with TownShip

This game is very entertaining and easy to play; when you enter the game, you will find an interactive tutorial to learn how to play. You will also have a tour to know the resources and what are the activities you must do in a growing area.

First you must sow and feed the animals to start generating the products that the game requires. This way you will advance in the levels and you will be able to start receiving rewards.

The whole game goes around the growth of the city; for that reason, when you start playing you will have many coins and space to finance and expand the city. Building is quite simple and the fluidity of the game allows you to quickly advance through the levels.

The key to the game is that the growth of business and the city is based on the cultivation and production of the farm. Download TownShip and discover how to make agricultural production maintain a city that does not stop spreading.

Download TownShip right now and enjoy a game that offers a strong sense of progress. Find missions very well designed, in addition, the appearance of the game is friendly and visually pleasing. The images are high definition and the animations look amazing; this makes the game easy and friendly for anyone.

Another great advantage of downloading this app is that there are options to connect with friends through Facebook. So you can search for friends within the social network and invite them to enjoy TownShip. The advantage of having friends is that you can visit other cities and exchange gifts to expand much faster.

How to download TownShip?

You can download TownShip through Apple App Store for iOs, Google Play for Android. You can also enjoy this game on Facebook directly. It is a completely free game but some game products can be purchased with real money. In order to play and enjoy social interactions, competitions and more, it is necessary to have an Internet connection.

Start now to build your city and customize it to your style; download TownShip and develop your farm, business, exotic islands, zoo and much more. You can download TownShip for Android or iOS from our website in the links that you will find at the end of this post.


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