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Gardenscapes is a game of Playrix Games that arrives from the screen of your computer to the screens of your mobile devices. The famous and fun garden renewal game is renewed so you do not take off from your Smartphone. Download Gardenscapes right now from your Smartphone or tablet to start playing.

In essence the game remains the same; you must complete different levels to unlock items and with them to recover the garden of an old mansion. Follow the story that drives the game; meet the characters and be amazed by all the secrets hidden in the garden. Do not wait and download Gardenscapes right now.

Let your imagination fly and create the best garden with Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a game that combines simulation of decoration with levels of puzzles match-3 style. In the game, you are the new owner of a destroyed mansion; and Austin, your new and faithful butler, will tell you the history of the property. The Austin family has been in charge of these lands for generations now, with your arrival you can return the glory to the old mansion.

You must complete the puzzles to earn stars and thus be able to solve the tasks assigned to you by Austin. As you progress in tasks, they become more difficult and you will have to spend more stars;  you should strive to solve the puzzles perfectly. Download Gardenscapes and recover the incredible garden of your new mansion.

You will find a lot of levels and the game allows you to unlock more characters as you progress. You must use these characters to complete tasks within your garden; the new characters will continue to add content to the story. One of them is a fun pet dog that will destroy part of your garden and you will have to build a kennel.

If you download Gardenscapes you can also enjoy different tests; like to find gnomes, collect lemonade, break stones and much more. You must overcome these tests that will change according to the level and difficulty of this. For your fun puzzles and other tests, you will never get tired of playing Gardenscapes.

The graphics of the game are colorful and every detail of the garden makes the restoration experience rewarding. Austin is not only funny and takes you through the missions of the game, but also interacts with you and makes you enjoy the game more. Download Gardenscapes and discover all the secrets and puzzles that it has for you.

How to download Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a game for mobile devices that is available for iOS and Android. You can find it in the App Store and Google Store respectively. It is a free game, although you can buy some items with real money.

If you have Facebook and you download Gardenscapes your friends can be your neighbors. This mobile game will bring you many hours of fun solving puzzles and restoring your mansion. Accept the challenge and create the most original garden of all. At the end of this post we leave the Link for download.


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