Geokeda is an app that invites you and motivates you to meet people through guidelines to do activities. Download GeoKeda right now and enjoy all the advantages of this app.

As his slogan says ‘jump from the cloud’; and it is in order to encourage its users to use the app as a means of connection to make the real encounter face to face.

When you download Geokeda you will see that it works as an agenda or calendar. In this the activities that users want to perform in different areas are registered; in this way everyone has the same information and they decide which activity they like the most.

This app is a social network that will help you get closer to people with the same hobbies as you. Animate to download this app and join those activities that you had always wanted to do.

Geokeda is an excellent app to meet people and find events near you

When you download Geokeda, the app asks you to register, either through Facebook or Twitter. Then it asks you to select your location to be able to suggest the activities that have been registered in your area and the people who are nearby and want to participate.

By registering in the app you can join an event or create yours; and so go inviting more users who have the same interests as you.

When creating an event or a pattern, you must share all the necessary information so that it has credibility; in this way, people will be able to prepare and participate.

The most important thing of this app is to stay informed with everything that will be done in the events. In this way you will know if some activities such as hiking are suitable for you at the moment.

In Geokeda there are leisure groups and sports groups with a number of activities that are incredible. Some leisure activities focus on film, drawing, astronomy, fishing, board games and even gatherings.

The sports groups range from badminton to capoeira and paddle. The community within the app has the option of writing on a kind of home page to introduce themselves or ask questions about new activities

Download Geokeda and give yourself that opportunity to be surprised knowing new activities; and so see how capable you are of learning something new with wonderful people.

How to download Geokeda?

Geokeda is a free app that you can download in Google Play and in the AppStore for Android and IOS. Do not forget to download it and be part of that great community that claims to have met incredible people who have become friends.

This app has a lot to offer you. You can organize your own agenda with the events that most attract your attention. Meet people who can teach you their experiences in areas you did not know.

One aspect that motivates users is that Geokeda awards on its website with medals to the people who have created the most events; and to people who have managed to provide a good time during your event and to those who have signed up for more events.

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