Dating apps are becoming more common and more used; but what if you do not want to get a date but instead you need a friend? GirlCrew is an app created just for girls where you can get other women interested in establishing a friendship. In this way you can meet other women near you and create your new group of friends. Download GirlCrew to start talking with other girls and create new friendships that last a lifetime. Keep reading to know everything about this amazing app.

Why to download GirlCrew

One of the best things about dating apps is that they make it easier for us to find people with our same interests. But many times we do not need to find a boyfriend or girlfriend but a friend. This is why they have created GirlCrew; which as its name says, will help you find new friends and create your own friends crew. This app was created just for women as a platform where they can feel safe talking to other women and getting new friends.

The idea of ​​the creators of this app was to make a space where the girls could agree to hang out. According to the women that created this app; ‘the problem is not that women do not have friends, but that they never find time to catch up together’. So this app will help you find other women near you who are willing to go shopping, go for a coffee or just talk about life.

When you download GirlCrew you must register using your Facebook account. This way the system will make sure that you are a woman. And later you will be able to see in your timeline all the posts of the groups to which you belong. When you enter a group, for example, the group of your city, you can see the publications of all the other girls that belong to the group. Then you can create your own group with the friends you have met in the app.

This app works in many countries, mainly in English speaking countries; like the U.S., England, Australia, etc. Choose your city and find friends near you.

How to download GirlCrew

To download GirlCrew is very easy and free. This app is available for iOS and Android; and everything you will need is an internet connection and the will to make new friends. If you want to get this app just go to the app store of your device and look for ‘GirlCrew’. To make it a lot easier, at the end of this post you will find the shortcuts to download GirlCrew in both OS. This app is completely free and very easy to use.

In GirlCrew you can talk about your problems, about how your day was, ask for help or advice, or look for other women who are close to you. GirlCrew is a space just for women created by women. If you want to have new girl friends to talk or hang out, start using this amazing app right now.

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