Glitch Fixers

Glitch Fixers

Glitch Fixers

There is nothing more classic than platform games; there are many great titles of this subgenre of action games and they can easily fall into a boring simplicity. But that is not the case with Glitch Fixers. Cartoon Network returns and this time brings an entertaining game of The Powerpuff Girls. Download Glitch Fixers and start playing this great game right now.

This entertaining and colorful game is available for you to download in any of your mobile devices. Download Glitch Fixers and discover how you can help Blossom, Bubble and Buttercup you can save the Internet.

Help the superpowerful girls save the internet with Glitch Fixers

The game begins explaining that the Internet is under attack; Bubble must send Blossom and Buttercup to defeat the bad guys. Within the game Blossom and Buttercup will not have their superpowers; they must use the Bubble programming skills to kill the enemies. Download Glitch Fixers and have fun repairing faults.

The mechanics of the game is simple; on the screen you will see a bar with specific movements that you must select to order them correctly and thus be able to advance in the game.

You have to try to get a number of specific points in each level and make the perfect combination of movements to achieve all the stars that will help you unlock levels. Another advantage is that there is no way to lose in the game; if you fail you can reset the level and start it again.

Each stage presents a different challenge that you will have to overcome in order to understand and form better sequences of movements.

You should use simple commands, procedures and programming sequences to demonstrate your skills. Will you be able to go through the 40 levels until you reach the final battle?

Download Glitch Fixers and combat the enemies of The Powerpuff Girls like the Ameba Band and the mutant memes, computer trolls and spam bots that invade the Internet. As you advance you can unlock special weapons such as the Bunny Bazookas, Rainbow Trout Blasters, Giant Rattles and the Flying Triceratops that will help you defeat your enemies.

Download this app, enjoy colorful graphics in the style of The Powerpuff Girls; and entertain with this tool that teaches you basic programming concepts. The game’s programmable interface is its real hook, so be sure to enjoy this fun cyber adventure.

How to download Glitch Fixers?

Download Glitch Fixer on any of your iOS devices (9.0 or later) or Android (4.1 or later). You can find the game in the corresponding app stores. It is a completely free game and suitable for all audiences. You will not need an Internet connection to enjoy this funny and educational game.


Develop your strategy, use all the attacks and win the most points in this amazing game that Cartoon Network brings for you. Do not stop downloading Glitch Fixers and save the Internet. At the end we leave you the Link to download this app and have fun with The Powerpuff Girls.

Video of Glitch Fixers
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