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Receiving emails or sending them can be an essential part of our current days. It is that it has become a means of communication used by many and mostly in companies. Download Gmail Go to use this excellent app on a mobile device with less memory capacity.

If we want to send a job to a study teacher, we need to notify some information within a company or we just want to chat with someone, use Gmail Go.

Gmail is one of the most popular platforms today and is used by millions of people. In addition to being linked with many other platforms at the time of login. With just having an account in Gmail you have the whole process ready.

Now we have Gmail Go, the lightest app so you can save all the space you need inside your mobile device.

Gmail Go is a lighter version of Gmail with which you can take advantage of its potential

When logging into Gmail Go we will think that it looks exactly like the classic version of this platform. And the truth is that yes, we will only find small details very small. These are the ones that make the difference in their weight and make it much more feasible for certain devices.

When we look inside the senders section, we will realize that we will not be able to see the profile image of other users.

Then when entering what is the main menu of Gmail that is usually on the left side, we will see how to simplify an arrow so that we can change account and only text.

If we need to read a message we can do it in the same way as in Gmail without many changes. Only we will not have the profile image of the sender again.

The inbox will sort the messages of your family and friends as the main option in your reading and leave others as promotions and social networks much lower.

The app blocks spam before it reaches your inbox, keeping it safe and clean. Gmail Go reaches our mobile devices to surprise us with positive and simple updates. These add value to our experience without we missing Gmail too much.

How to download Gmail Go?

You can download Gmail Go from Google Play completely free of charge. Use this option lighter and faster to send and receive the emails you need without limitations from your mobile. Below we leave the link to download Gmail Go.

Do not stay without sending the emails you need for not having space in your phone. Take advantage of this incredible Gmail option and download Gmail Go.

You will not notice the difference between both apps because it is still aimed for the same users who do not have or do not want a phone with more memory capacity.

Gmail Go offers you 15 GB of free storage so you do not have to erase those important messages that you had saved a long time ago.

We recommend you download this app as it is the light version for those low range phones that will make you gain much more space within your device without having to sacrifice another app.


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About Gmail Go
  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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Gmail Go

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