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If you are a golf fan, you will not have to go to the field to improve. Getting the perfect swing is a matter of much practice and that is why today video games help us to improve easily from anywhere. We recommend you download Golf Clash, an app that will take us to an infinite field with a lot of holes.

Golf Clash is a multiplayer game for mobile devices that works in real time. In this game you will see the other players during their turn and they, in turn, will see you during your turn. The games of this video game are usually quite simple, fast and also has a chat where you can talk with your opponents.

Download Golf Clash to play with all your friends

Golf Clash besides being a free to play game is an incredible option to compete against other players from anywhere in the world or we have the option to invite our friends from the social network Facebook to play with us. The game is usually quite simple and intuitive at the time of playing.

Placing the target will be the first step you must take when starting your game. When you start, the game will give you a predetermined location that can be quite useful. What we have to take into account will be the wind and the distance.

We will have to pay attention to a series of elements that may seem very irrelevant but that will be important in each of your games.

To get a perfect swing we will have to work our technique; but the most important thing is to place our ball in the blue circle that appears on the screen and release it when the arrow is right on the yellow target. In this way we will obtain a perfect swing. If we want to know our power because the hole will be highlighted in blue.

It is important that we take into account the power and the target before hitting. The first one we can regulate, either by placing a little lower our ball so that it comes out with more speed. Also if we place it a little above the blue circle it will go much slower.

How to download Golf Clash?

You can download Golf Clash in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Have fun practicing the best sport from your mobile device anywhere and also with your friends and players from around the world. Below we leave you the link to download Golf Clash.

If in Golf Clash you manage to win games you will get chests; in these we will have rewards composed of money, gems and new clubs to use as we move forward. Unlocking a club means that we have to select it before starting our game.

If during a game you manage to make perfect hits you can save them and share those repetitions with your friends to demonstrate your evolution with the perfect swing. Playing as a team is an option and remember that you can chat with other players and have a conversation during the game without any problem.

Video of Golf Clash
Download Golf Clash
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