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In this era where technology is part of our day to day, we have access to everything we imagine and more with just a click. There are incredible apps that give us access to certain types of information that seems impossible to have so easily. Download Google Arts and Culture to learn many new things.

The Google Arts and Culture app is one of them. It is a platform that gives us all the information about art and culture. You will have the possibility to visit museums, see exhibitions and look closely at works of art that you could not before with the quality you deserve.

Google Arts and Culture is an incredible app to learn about art

An extensive variety of sections characterize this app. You have the option to know practically about any subject related to art and culture.  Go through the app for the highlights, for example about certain works by an artist.

You will find a series of reports also featured with visual elements in a high definition that surprises. The layout of the app and in which each of the sections are presented and the information that composes them is a positive point of the app.

One of the funniest and most incredible sections of Google Arts and Culture is the 360 ​​view. It takes you to a museum, a street or an important exhibition and lets you fully enjoy every detail present.

You can move around the place you decide to go and look at your sight, the elements that are there and the space itself.

Expand the works of art is one of the most used options of the app. It is very usual to go to a museum and not be able to appreciate how we would like a work due to the restrictions that exist for the approach to painting. It is amazing the resolution we can get from each work and a whole review about it.

The possibilities of knowing and studying art and culture are endless when you download Google arts and culture. In the exploration section we can expand a little more with the camera approach resources of a work from anywhere in the world.

How to download Google Arts and Culture?

You can download Google Arts and Culture from Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS. It is a free app completely and very simple and intuitive at the time of use.

Enjoy the infinity of information firsthand and with excellent quality at a visual level at any time. Below we leave you the link to download Google arts and culture.

You can have access to different categories, such as information about artists, artistic trends, techniques, historical events, characters and places. It is important to highlight everything you can get in each section of the app.

Another option you have to do in this app is that you can activate your location and go to nearby places; as museums and cultural events thanks to 360 virtual tours.

The wonderful thing about all these options to which the app gives us access is that we can do it from our mobile device at any time without moving from place.

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