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Browsing on Internet on our smartphones or tablets is one of the activities we do most day to day. This is why we should have a good internet browser. Most mobile devices have an integrated internet browser, usually the browser of your device’s brand, but you can greatly improve the way you browse the internet using Google Chrome. You can download Google Chrome on your Android and iOS devices completely free. Now we will tell you all the advantages that this explorer has over the others of its kind. Read on.

Why is Google Chrome the best Internet browser?

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of competition in the field of internet browsers. And for those who do not look at the details, all browsers might look the same. But Google Chrome is the best option you can have so far.

It is well known that Google is the best search engine on the internet. Their technology has evolved a lot and thanks to the use of a Google account, your searches are filtered by your preferences. You can take this to the limit using Google Chrome as your internet browser.

When you download Google Chrome you will have an excellent Google tool in your hands. The browser of your Smartphone or Tablet will automatically synchronize with all other devices where you use Chrome. This includes PC, and other devices. This browser is faster than the rest of its type, and also reduces up to 50% of the mobile data you consume when browsing on Internet.

You can use the voice search or write what you want. As you write you will see the search recommendations for you. This way it will be easier and faster to navigate. The mobile version is special so you can easily navigate using just one hand. You will also have at your disposal the incognito browser where your browsing history or any of your data will not be saved.

Using Google’s browser is the best option on any device you have.

How to download Google Chrome

To Download Google Chrome is free and easy. If you use Android, most devices bring this browser downloaded automatically. But in case you do not have it or you have deleted it by mistake, you can download it again from Google Play. Chrome for Android is available for smartphones and tablets of almost all OS versions. It is completely free, light and easy to use.

If you use iOS you will not have Chrome downloaded automatically. That is why you must go to the App Store to install the browser. It’s completely free. To make it work better you should make sure to sign in with your Gmail account.

At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts to download Google Chrome from Android and iOS. Start today to use the best internet browser for your mobile devices.

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