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Many times as parents we realize that our children spend a lot of time on mobile devices; and it can be difficult to make them stop doing this. For this and many other things there is Google Family Link. This app will help you as a parent or guardian to control the time your children spend on their phones.  Download Google Family Link and discover everything this fabulous app has for you.

Google Family Link will help you guide your young children to the internet content they should see, schedule the time they may be using their mobile device and much more. Download Google Family Link right now and start using this amazing app.

Google Family Link helps you guide your children through the internet

Google Family Link is an app designed so that parents can have control of mobile devices for children under 12 years old. Very well we know that on the internet you can find many things that we do not want our children to see; so Family Link will help you for this. Do not miss the opportunity to discover everything that this amazing app has for you.

Family Link will help you guide your young children in the amazing world of the internet. With this app you can access your devices and find a lot of content and apps that will be of great benefit to children. When you access the app you will find a collection of apps designed by teachers so that children can learn many things in very fun and dynamic ways.

In addition to this you can control the time your children last in front of the screen; You can manage the time your children will have to entertain themselves with their Android devices. After the time you have set, the device will be blocked and can only be unlocked by you. You can also set a sleep time so that your kids do not stay up late using the Smartphone or Tablet.

Download Google Family Link right now and use this excellent app. Disable apps that you do not want your children to use, control purchases from Google Play, set schedules and much more. This app can be really useful to teach the little ones to use the internet. Download this app right now and start discovering what it brings for you.

How to download Google Family Link?

If you want to download Google Family Link you can do it for free on your Smartphone through Google Play. This app only works for Android devices, and you can download it to be used in Smartphones and Tablets. At the end of this post you will find a link to download this fabulous app.

Google Family Link is the version for parents and guardians, to be used in the Smartphone of your little ones you will have to install in your mobile devices the version for children. Download this incredible app right now and start using this amazing app on your Androids.


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Google Family Link

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