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If you have a Chromecast device at home, you will need to have this app to control all its functions. With Google Home you can control Google speakers, Chromecast devices and all Google devices that have the ‘OK Google’ voice assistant integrated. Download this app right now to start enjoying all the functions of your devices. When you download Google home you can turn your home into a Smart Home. You will get the most out of your Chromecast device with this app.

What is a Chromecast Device?

A Chromecast device is an accessory with which you can turn your TV into a smart TV. With this device you will be able to see all kinds of videos, TV channels, and even use internet functions; you will do all this by synchronizing your mobile device or PC with your TV.

Chromecast works as an intermediary between your mobile devices or PC and TV; in this way you can share all kinds of files from the other devices to the TV and convert it into a Smart TV. This device connects to the HDMI port of your TV and connects via your WIFI network to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. To share the files you must download Google Home on all your devices.

How does Google Home Works?

Having Google Home you can share files from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC to your TV. With this app you can configure and use the Chromecast, and any other Google device that contains the OK Google assistant. It also works as a synchronizer between Android devices, so you can, for example, pause or play the music that sounds on your Tablet from your Smartphone. Google Home works as a remote control between all your devices.

The best thing about this app is that it does not work only with Android devices; you can also have it on your iOS devices and Windows PC. So you can use your Chromecast device from any mobile device you use.

When you download Google Home you will find recommendations for watching movies, TV channels, music, videos and many others contents that you can play on your TV with Chromecast. You can even find apps that work only with Chromecast and you can customize your screen. You can use the app as a remote control to control what happens on your TV and other Google devices. This app is ideal to connect all your devices and take a step towards your Smart Home.

How to download Google Home?

Downloading Google Home is really easy; this app is available for Adroid and iOS completely free. For both cases you will find the app in the respective App Store; and after installing it you can start using your Chromecast device or Google speakers. At the end of this post you will find the shortcuts to download Google Home. Start using this amazing app right now to discover all the benefits that Google and its devices have for you. Download this app right now to use your Chromecast.

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