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Google never stops amazing us by creating apps and tools that definitely make our lives simpler. Each Google tool is excellent to make our devices smarter, regardless of whether they are Android or iOS. This time we want to introduce you to the new Google mobile app called Google Photos. This app works as an intelligent virtual gallery with many advantages that will save a lot of space on your device. This app is an excellent all in one. Here’s how to download Google Photos on Android and iOS, so read on to discover everything this great app has to offer.

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is a Google app that was launched to the market at the middle of this year and that has been a total success in the iOS and Android app stores. This app has been one of the most downloaded this 2017. Google Photos works as a multimedia gallery same as the one that all smart devices have installed. The main difference is that the storage of Google Photos is totally unlimited, since it works with storage in the cloud. Therefore, you will never run out of space and you will not need to use your device storage or external storage such as SD cards.

To download Google Photos will be very beneficial to save your photos in a safe place, which you can access from any device. As it is storage in the cloud, you can access from another Smartphone or Tablet, or even from a PC by going to

But this is not all. In addition to this, Google Photos has a camera for panoramic photos, collages, animations and much more. It also has a photo editor included. You can add filters, cut out your photos, play with color balances, etc.

Download Google Photos to share your photos with other users of the app without having to spend mobile data. You can invite people to see your albums and photo collections. If you take several photos, in an event for example, the app will automatically choose the best ones so you can easily access them. The Google Photos camera automatically corrects blurry and crooked photos. Without a doubt, to download Google Photos is an excellent option.

How to download Google Photos

Google Photos is a totally free app available for Android and iOS. You can download the official version of the app from the corresponding app store of your OS. To make things easier, at the end of this post we will leave shortcuts to download Google Photos on Android and iOS.

If you use Android it is possible that the app has been installed automatically on your device. If not, you can download it at the end of this post. Your photos will be synchronized automatically with the app.

If you use iOS, you must log in with a google account after downloading the app. This way you can synchronize your photos. Start today to use this excellent tool that Google has for you.

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