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Wanting to study something or specialize in an area is something we all want to do. Many times the time is not enough to do as many activities as we would like at some exact moment in our lives. Download Google Primer to learn about marketing from your Smartphone.

That is why the power we have over the internet is incredible, since it gives us a world of possibilities.

Now, just as there are apps to learn anything, there is also a platform especially for those who want to learn advertising and digital marketing. This app is Google first that brings all the content to become an expert.

This is what Google Prime brings for you

Getting content related to marketing is not a difficult task. Currently on the internet we find millions of articles related to this topic.

The problem is that not all of them have good content to offer us. When you download Google primer, you will receive information from one of the largest search companies.

It is a perfect app if you want to learn from this digital area and you do not have so much time to devote long hours of study.

All the information is available within the app and you can organize your lessons and access them whenever you want. In the section '' block of notes '' these lessons will be stored for you to review as many times as you think necessary.

Google primer is an app that works without an internet connection. This allows us to study or review the content in any place without any problem. Organize your agenda and take advantage of this very useful feature; learn either from the subway, in a park or in a cafe no matter if your data has run out.

Weekly the content of the app is updated to provide an experience with the highest quality. You will find all kinds of content, from SEO understanding, campaign creation, storytelling, social networks and even business administration.

In Google primer you will find 5 minute lessons to optimize your time to the maximum and not waste a minute. The objective of this app is to teach in the most practical way possible to be able to carry concrete and important information and easy to process by the student.

The lessons are composed of topics that are marked as basic, but in turn each contains a level of difficulty that characterizes it. These makes the person interested in the content studied and continue their journey through each lesson.

How to download Google Primer?

You can download Google primer for Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS. It is a free app completely.

We recommend downloading this app as it is very easy to use; and will provide you with a lot of valuable information about a field that is very much in demand today. Below we leave the link to download Google primer.

The incredible thing about this app is that once the user or student manages to absorb the greatest amount of content, they will be able to innovate within this great world of digital marketing. This will enable you to train other people with a great quality of information to present.


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About Google Primer
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Google Primer

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