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There are videogames that have been in development for their style and genre. Not only should it be a nice game at a glance, but it should combine the design with the modality and objective. We will recommend a game that integrates all these qualities to offer you an incredible proposal. Download Gorogoa to start the fun.

Gorogoa has been a game that was in development since 2012 and went on the market in 2017. It is not a common video game, since all its interface was made by hand. We will find a world full of illustrations that play with perspective; and how a good puzzle game will try to test your strategies.

Gorogoa is a very interesting puzzle that will give you hours of fun

Gorogoa is the name of a huge creature that appeared within the city in which the game is played. Then we will meet a child who tries to meet this creature; and will try to feed it with five apples of different colors. These apples are an important element in the game.

When we begin to play, we find four boxes where we will have to align the illustrations that are presented to us. So we must go developing the story behind it. In each box we can expand and move almost in third dimension, in each independently.

To download Gorogoa and playing it is a challenge, since we are not taught anything before we start. This is where the puzzle genre becomes present. The only movements that we will carry out are selection, rotate and zoom or zoom out.

Each selection we make must have a reason why. Maybe by joining two images we get a much bigger image that will make us interact with new scenarios. Fitting the pieces of an illustration with the space of another that at first glance do not coincide in anything can make our character move.

How to download Gorogoa?

You can download Gorogoa in the App Store and in Google Play. This game is available in pay mode for Android and IOS currently. Enjoy this work of art full of fun and entertainment; with wonderful illustrations created by hand and relaxing musical background. Below we leave the link to download Gorogoa.

The illustrative element of this game takes all the attention with total security. It is not usual to get us with a videogame with images made by hand so perfectly; and that also have that interactive touch that makes everything less boring. Although it is true that in some moments we could get confused and not know what our objective is.

Gorogoa, despite being an excellent option, is a game that we can finish in a few hours and leave us wanting more. Have fun playing this puzzle in a world that tests your logic and contemplates all the wonderful scenarios you have to travel to achieve your goal.

An important point to note is directed towards its creator Jason Roberts; since he has created these thousands of illustrations full of hundreds of details by hand. This is how he achieved all this impressive narrative in which each image has a purpose. Download Gorogoa right now on your Smartphone.


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