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Streaming apps have made our lives so much easier. Nowadays you can decide what to see, when to see it and where, all you have to do is choose. For this and much more, download HBO Now.

The screen of your Smartphone can become the best movie screen in an instant. The best thing about this is the infinite possibilities. Between so many options arrives a giant of the television to the smallest screens: HBO Now.

This is the US Streaming service of HBO; and it has a novelty, you will not need to be a subscriber of an HBO package with your TV service to enjoy this service. Now you can download HBO Now and start enjoying hours of your favorite series.

With HBO Now you can watch all your favorite series from your Smartphone

The streaming content is currently one of the most acclaimed; This is because it has the perfect formula to be consumed anywhere when you want in a simple way. All that is needed is a mobile device and a subscription in most cases. HBO Now has arrived to surprise its users in a new platform.

Mainly to consume the content of this app we will need internet connection. By downloading HBO Now we just have to create our user and we will have the content without limitations at our disposal. As for the accounts within a subscription we will have, a registered user with an option to two simultaneous uses.

Most users who use HBO Now have an HBO subscription either by cable or satellite; for this reason the payment rate would come from among the providers of this service. The rest of the app itself is free to download and use. It is also good to remember that this app is available for a wide variety of platforms.

For users looking for the most outstanding premieres, HBO Now is an app that synchronizes its cable and web releases. For this we will have access to the latest movies available in our app. For the most concerned the content quality is high and we can also activate and deactivate the subtitles as we need.

How to download HBO Now?

You can download HBO Now from the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Enjoy unlimited hours of movies and series with your friends and family at any time using this app in a simple way. Below we leave the link to download HBO Now.

If at any time we have something important to see and we did not want to miss out on anything in the world, at HBO Now we will have the option to see the same live signal that HBO transmits on cable. You can enjoy the same experience as if you were at home but from the comfort of your mobile anywhere.

This app is an incredible alternative to enjoy the exclusive content of this platform. You can watch Game of Thrones or Westworld, and much more. We know that nowadays watching series and movies online has become normal and the platforms that evolve with it are applauded by the users. Download HBO Now and start watching the best series and movies from your Smartphone.

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