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Third-person shooting games are very popular in the world of video games. Unlike the FPS in this game genre you have a third person perspective that allows you to be more aware of other aspects such as the environment. Download Hero Hunter to enjoy an amazing multiplayer shooting game.

Hero Hunter belongs to this genre of video game shooting in the third person. For many players it is difficult to cope with this type of dynamics without having access to a control or simulator and only play with the mobile touch screen.

Download Hero Hunter to try this type of game. Will you be able to control your player to become the best?

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This videogame presents us with a series of characters that we will have to control and protect against the enemy. These characters are called heroes, and they try to save General Kurtz’s world; that has destroyed the world and in turn has created an army that we must exterminate. And so we can take your leader to justice.

At the beginning we will go through a series of missions that if we manage to unlock new heroes. Throughout the game we can unlock up to 40 heroes for free.

In each mission we can unite up to five heroes to form our platoon. The incredible thing about this game is that by having access to the different characters we can locate them in strategic areas of the battlefield; and thus attack our enemy from different perspectives, which will make the play easier.

If during our missions we manage to kill all the enemies we will collect money. This will allow us to open chests where we will find new heroes. It is extremely important to achieve our goal because each hero has different qualities necessary to advance.

Some characteristics of the characters are offensive, defensive, state, healing and among others. You must manage them wisely because if you use them once you will not be able to apply them again during a certain time.

An important piece of advice to keep your hero alive is to get a place to safely shelter. Many facades are destructible and can leave your character exposed. Crouching is a good option depending on where you are, so the enemy can’t see you easily.

How to download Hero Hunter?

You can download Hero Hunter on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS for free. Start playing and create incredible strategies to overthrow the enemy with your friends using the multiplayer feature. Below we leave the link to download Hero Hunter.

When we finish playing in campaign mode we have the option to invite our friends to play and join them to our squad. You can create teams with players from all over the world to defeat the enemy. Like the initial version, they can only play as a team of 5 with different heroes.

Hero Hunter is a videogame that surprises for its visual quality. Its visual effects are impressive and are very well done as well as its musicalization. All these elements together adding the wonderful game plot make it a game that should be bet. Go now and download Hero Hunter.

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