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Strategy games inspired by trading cards tend to be very close to the original narrative on which the video game is based. In this case we will talk about the incredible universe of Dragon Age. Download Heroes of Dragon Age to play this game right now.

In this game the users will be able to obtain their legendary heroes during the battlefield; and they will have to face different opponents.

In this app we will have a game system that is based on squads and management of each of the characters with which we will go to different battles of this universe.

This title has arrived to assure his followers a game of combat and strategy, something they had been waiting for a long time. Download Heroes of Dragon Age right now.

Heroes of Dragon Age is a very interesting game that you must start playing

To start the game well you will have to work hard to collect the best heroes and be a true legend. You can build teams with warriors and monsters to fight.

 The best part is in the moment we fight against other players in a game that will undoubtedly remind us of collectible cards.

During the game you will have availability to more than one hundred heroes that you can collect. While you are on the battlefield during a game, you will not only see your opponent, there will also be dragons, mythological beings and even golems to make your experience much more real.

As you progress in the game you can improve your team much more and combine the heroes you want. If we manage to enter into combats many times we will be earning money, obtaining gems and experience in order to achieve the growth of that group of warriors we love so much.

The combats are extremely important; since if you fight against other players you can win exclusive rewards during different events. If you decide to compete regularly you will also get trophies; and you can position yourself in the markers as a winner in Heroes of Dragon Age.

If at some point in the game we do not know what to do, we do not have to worry; this will explain how the strategies work in each fight, how to form our teams and understand the skills that each hero has. Have fun forming the best group of warriors, creating the best strategy and constantly playing to reach your goal.

How to download Heroes of Dragon Age

You can download Heroes of Dragon Age in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Shake the battlefield again and again and bring together all the heroes and characters of this incredible universe. Below we leave the link to download Heroes of Dragon Age.

The graphics of this video game are attractive and their animations during the battles will surprise us positively. The work that EA has done in this title has achieved a good finish and will surely be well received by his followers who appreciate this universe of Heroes of Dragon Age.

It is important to highlight that to play in this app we will need constant internet connection. The game is completely free but in the same way we will find some elements that can be bought with real money; it is optional and you can play regularly without making any payment. Download Heroes of Dragon Age and the adventure begins.

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Download Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age

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