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Puzzle games are very popular on mobile devices; even some of the most popular and most downloaded have this game mode. But nevertheless it could be said that the best puzzle games are those that change a bit the mechanics of the game and offers an attractive and funny story. That is the case of Homescapes, a casual game in which your goal will be to rebuild the old house of the charming protagonist, the butler Austin. To do this, you can buy new furniture, make restorations in the house and redesign the interior of the home. If you download Homescapes you will have the opportunity to decorate and rebuild a mansion of your choice.

Homescapes is the second part of another very popular game from the same company: Gardenscapes. A very fun and entertaining game that gives a different spin to the puzzle games you are used to. If you want to know more about this amazing game, in this post we tell you the most important facts and how you can download Homescapes.

How to play Homescapes

Homescapes is a very entertaining casual game; it offers lovely visual graphics and a perfect gaming system for touch devices. You can remodel and rebuild Austin's house, the butler. For this you will have to put new carpets, buy armchairs, restore walls, and ultimately design the interior of a whole mansion at our whim.

The game system of Homescapes is quite simple. You will be asked to fix something in the house where you are playing, and to build elements inside your mansion you will need stars. And to get these stars you will have to play a minigame to connect three equal elements (Candy Crush or Bejeweled style). As usual, when you connect four or more elements together, you will create some special power ups. You will have to solve one or more puzzles to get the stars that are demanded to perform that task. When you use these stars to fix something, you can choose to give your game a personalization factor.

The game is made up of more than a hundred different levels where you can get to know new characters, like the parents of the protagonist Austin. In addition to being able to unlock a lot of content.  All this while the story of Austin and his parents is being told little by little.

How to download Homescapes

Download Homescapes is very simple, and here we will explain how. It is available for Android devices, from version 4.0.3 onwards. It is also available for devices with iOS system from 8.0 onwards. You can get it in the respective stores, Google Play and the iTunes App Store. It's completely free.

The application can include purchases within and you can interact with other users, so it requires an Internet connection. The size of the app is approximately 200 Mb, although it may vary depending on the device. At the end of this post we leave you the shortcuts so you can download Homescapes right now.


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