Hot Wheels Race Off

Collecting Hot Wheels has been the number one hobby of many people since a few decades ago; and now Hot Wheels Race Off comes to the screen of your smartphone to let you play in this digital option. Download Hot Wheels Race Off right now on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Hot Wheels are racing cars and collectible tracks loved by many children around the world. And now you can play with your favorite cars from your Smartphone.

When you download Hot wheels race off you have the option to challenge whoever you want in the multiplayer section; and test all the maneuvers and jumps within the circuits you’ve seen on the Hot Wheels tracks.

This app is amazing for girls and boys of all ages; and for all the people who are Hot Wheels fans and they love car racing games.

Hot Wheels Race Off is the best car game for your mobile device

When you start playing you will find more than 30 cars available; like the all-rounder, alternative, powerful, creature, heavy and superfast.

Each one to use in the 40 different tracks that the game has for you. Hot Wheels Race Off tries to pay tribute to all the tracks that this company has created during all these years in the wonderful graphics that we can see in the game.

When you download Hot Wheels Race Off and start playing you can unlock each of those 40 tracks through the coins that you accumulate in each of the circuits.

Something important to mention is that when we play against another player, we will begin to see clues with more difficulty; like explosions, pronounced jumps and turns that must be achieved by obtaining a lot of speed.

As the game progresses and coins are collected, we can improve speed, power, stability and spin.

By enhancing our car we can compete much better with another player and avoid running out of gas during the race. In Hot Wheels Race Off we have the option to make a daily race, select the multiplayer or play alone.

Another feature of Hot Wheels Race Off is that as you get a smaller amount of time to finish the race and you have collected all the coins, you can have three stars.

These will let you have the super charged cars and they will show you are the best driving inside these professional tracks.

Also, every certain game time, you will receive a gift box that has a number of diamonds that will help you to continue improving your cars for each of the competitions.

How to download Hot Wheels Race Off?

Hot Wheels Race Off is only available on Google Play for Android for free. If you are a fan of racing and specifically of Hot Wheels you can’t stop downloading this app to enjoy this game.

Start to see the number of car models you can collect throughout the game. Download Hot wheels race off and test your racing car driver skill.

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