Human Evolution

For those who enjoy simple and captivating games, Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind is an excellent option. When you download Human Evolution Download you can see the world of evolution; you can create different species, from viruses to cyborgs.

Human Evolution has colorful graphics and characters that let you play with your genetics and get incredible results. While you advance in the game you can accelerate the evolution of different species and in different habitats. Begin right now to play this incredible game on your smartphone or tablet.

Start enjoying science and biology with Human Evolution

Download Human Evolution and discover a simple game that combines humor and science fiction on the screen of your smartphone. The mechanics of the game are quite simple; you must unite the creatures or specimens to create new species and add creatures to your collection. You can expand your repertoire not only to new species but also to new planets and eras. This game rewards achievements for reaching goals and overcoming challenges so try to complete all phases of Human Evolution.

To unite the creatures you just have to drag them with your fingers towards the others and wait for them to join. Another great feature of this game is that you can decide if you want to end human evolution when you get cyborgs and intelligent robots; but you can also deviate and evolve other species. Among the other species that you can develop are crocodiles, giraffes and even alien species.

By downloading Human Evolution you start the path of evolution and fun. Join this game created for those fans of creation and combination, this game offers hours of fun without the need to pay to advance in it. The amount of reviews and positive comments about Human Evolution is impressive; Through Google Play and the App Store, most opinions yield a five-star rating.

Download Human Evolution and give yourself the opportunity to have fun in a simple way through your device. Begin to show that you are made to be part of the evolution taking it to the outside of the planet. In social networks you will find endless videos of players that show how they have fared in the game and how the game itself looks.

This game is excellent for children and adults. Start playing Human Evolution right now and have fun combining species to evolve the human race.

How to download Human Evolution?

If you want to download Human Evolution you must enter Google Play if you are an Android user or App Stores if you are an iOS user. It is a completely free app for all ages.

You should know that it contains ads so you are prepared for it. If you want to enjoy this game you must have Android 4.1 and later or iOS 8.0 and later versions. This game has more than 5M downloads.

At the end of this post we leave you the link so you can enjoy and download Human Evolution.

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