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If you are looking for the best artist apps, you will surely find Infinite Painter among the lists. Download Infinite Painter and discover an incredible software to develop your creativity, create illustrations and edit photos. Do not miss the opportunity to try this fantastic tool and download it on all your mobile devices.

Infinite Painter is one of the most complete apps, it has different options besides being incredibly versatile. This app developed by Infinite Studio Mobile lives up to the apps of Adobe or Procreate. It has a complete but intuitive software that will help you create everything you imagine. Download Infinite Painter right now.

Infinite Painter is one of the best illustration apps for Smartphone

One of the great wonders of this drawing tool is it brings more than 80 brushes and you have the possibility to create the ones you want according to your needs. You can also configure the according to your needs. Try the large number of brushes and discover your favorites when developing your personal style.

Another great advantage of Infinite Painter is the way that brushes behave on virtual paper. You can even achieve a finish very similar to real with this app, the finishes are professional and the possibilities are endless. Download Infinite Painter and become the best artist you can be.

The way in which layers are handled within the app is also another great advantage, has all the options of professional programs. You will have an option to make a clipping mask, selection, perspective guides and much more. You can create as many layers as you need, because the app does not limit this option as seen in similar ones.

One of the most profitable aspects of Infinite Painter is that it is not only an illustration app, it also perfectly serves as a photo editor. The tools offered for this task are so well designed and at a professional level as the brushes. You can cut, correct the color, apply filters and more. Download Infinite Painter and start using this amazing app right now.

How to download Infinite Painter

You can download Infinite Painter on any of your devices, whether you’re an Android or iOS user. It is a free download app but if you want to access all its functions you must pay for the use of the complete tools. There is a 7 day trial of the premium version with all the tools unlocked if you want to try the whole app before buying it. Here we leave the link for download.

The interface of this app is quite simple and intuitive, as soon as you open it you will find a blank canvas with the right mobility and fluidity. The tools are very easy to find and you have the possibility to customize the interface according to your needs, you can change the theme, the language and more.

Infinite Painter is a fairly complete and simple tool that provides everything you need to be one of the best art and design apps. In addition to its mentioned characteristics, it gives you the opportunity to import and export your projects in different formats. And it has a section where users can share their creations. In general it is a very complete and intuitive app.

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