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Wrestling video games 1vs1 are usually set in different narratives; and all are usually very popular among their users due to the amount of action and fun they have to provide them. Injustice 2 comes is one of these great proposals developed by NetherRealm Studios. Download Injustice 2 right now on your Smartphone.

This sequel to the game Injustice: Gods among us has come to catch us once again on all our mobile devices. Download Injustice 2 and start playing.

This video game is set in the DC universe and a narrative that will teach us a Superman very concerned about the death of Lois Lane. This concern has turned our superhero into a problem and this is where we will have to act.

Discover all the adventures present in Injustice 2

This video game does not work like the fighting games we know regularly. Here we will have confrontations where we will have to control our character and all those skills that compose it through touch. If we can advance in the narrative we can improve all their skills and also unlock more characters to have teams of three.

In addition to the main game mode we will have others that invite us to perform other types of matches. You will even find events that are available for a limited time. In these modes we will see characters like Batman, Wonder Woman and even Blue Beetle, among others.

In this new title, unlike Injustice, they have spent a few years in the game and the regime created by Superman has been eliminated. This time, Wonder Woman and Black Adam will try to free our steel man with the help of Supergirl. Batman remains on guard and meanwhile the villain Brainiac arrives on planet earth to put an end to all the inhabitants.

Injustice 2 has different game modes. In campaign mode we will find a very well developed story that is based on popular DC comics. In this way we can know perfectly each of the different characters and their fighting modes.

If you manage to advance quickly in the levels you will be able to obtain an important team that will help you to evolve. Download Injustice 2 and live all the adventures.

How to download Injustice 2?

Download Injustice 2 is very easy. You can play with this app and download it from the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Have fun with Injustice 2 and enjoy visuals never before seen accompanied by a lot of history about the comics of this infinite universe that is DC. Below we leave the link to download Injustice 2.

When you manage to advance in the game you will get some strange team elements, these pieces have a level from 1 to 20. Our goal is to get our characters to level 20 to give them the respective team of that level. If you manage to upload your team’s equipment to the characters, the statistics will go up much faster.

If you are one of those who like to play online, you can do it without paying attention to the team. You will still visually have your armor but its characteristics will not be present during the play. In this way we will ensure a fair and safe match for both players.

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Injustice 2

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