In the midst of so many responsibilities and daily tasks, stress is present in everyone’s life. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and others are not a game and we must be aware of our health all the time. InnerHour is a mobile app available for Android and iOS that will help you manage your emotions and control stress. This app is perfect for adults and young people who want to learn to have better mental health. Now we will explain everything you need to know about this app and how you can download InnerHour on your mobile device. Kepp reading!

Learn how to relax and manage your emotions with InnerHour

InnerHour is an app designed especially for all those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological illnesses. This app is very helpful because it will help you manage your emotions and take control over them. Little by little and through different activities you can begin to better understand your brain and how emotions work. Download InnerHour to have an emotional assistant always at hand.

This self-help app will be excellent to help you be happier and more relaxed. Psychological diseases take us away from happiness; and this is exactly what InnerHour wants to help you achieve. To adapt to your needs the app will ask you a short questionnaire to find out what your problem is in general. This way you can provide better tools to deal with those problems.

The idea is that daily take about 10 minutes with the app to relax and focus on your emotions. Every time you enter the app you can select your mood; and so the app will help you in whatever you need. For example, if you feel anxious the app will give you 5 tools to handle anxiety at that moment. You can do a 5 minute guided meditation, do breathing exercises, listen to music that helps you relax, do some physical exercises and much more.

In this way you can handle your emotions at that moment; And you’ll know what to do on other occasions when you feel the same. With the passage of the days you will see how your moods are improving.

It is important to know that InnerHour is not a substitute for professional help. If you suffer from anxiety or depression you should seek qualified help from a psychologist. InnerHour will help you with simple tools to feel better, but a professional is always needed.

How to download InnerHour?

Download InnerHour is really simple. This app is free for Android and iOS, and also synchronizes if you have it on more than one device. You can find this app in Google Play and App Store; At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts to download this amazing app.

Start your search for happiness right now by keeping depression and anxiety away with InnerHour. Download this app on your mobile device to have at hand tools that will help you control your emotions.

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