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Social media apps are currently the most popular platforms that we have on our devices. Every so often a new platform is created or updated, and we keep downloading more and more into our smartphones. But what if we have a device with limited storage space? Then we can choose apps like Instagram Lite, a smaller and lighter version of Instagram that won’t take too many resources to function. If you want to know how to download Instagram Lite on your device, keep reading this post.

What is Instagram Lite?

As we mentioned, is a smaller and lighter version of the same app, so devices with less capacity can still make use of the platform and access all the content they want. Even though the app looks almost the same, some features are limited, this is to guarantee that the app is lightweight and that your smartphone won’t have to suffer much to use it. But what limitations do we have?

What can we do with Instagram Lite?

The idea behind the lite version is to have the main features but using less resources. So, through this app we can easily upload pictures and videos to our profiles and statuses, and also see and interact with other people’s photos, videos and statuses. You can give a like and leave a comment, interact with stories, and so much more.

You can explore new content and watch reels easily, and keep enjoying all your favorite content creators through this app. The best part is that using this app you won’t only use less storage space, but also it consumes less RAM, less mobile data and less battery. So, this app helps you to reduce all the consume and use less resources than the original.

What limitations do we find in the app?

However, to make possible that the app weight less and use less resources, there are some features that aren’t available in this version. For example, even though you can upload photos and stories, you won’t be able to see filters or effects on this app. So, editions are not available on the lite version.

Another limitation in this app is the fast load or integration of the interface. This app seems more like navigating on a desktop app, and it takes time to load some images and videos. This is to make sure that your device consumes less, but means that we need to be patient.

How to download Instagram Lite?

To download this app you just need to tap on the download button that is at the end of this post. This is a shortcut that will lead you directly to the app store that you need to download the app, Play Store or App Store. Then, tap on Install and wait until the app is completely installed on your device.

Now you can login or create your account to start using Instagram Lite easily from your device. As soon you access the platform you will realize that the app is not that different from the original and won’t occupy much on your device.


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About Instagram Lite
  • Updated 25 April, 2022
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Instagram Lite

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