Instagram is a free application for capturing and editing selfies, photos and videos to share them on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Instagram can be found in the App Store, Google Play, and a beta version for Windows Phone.

You can also download Instagram to your device right this very minute using the download button above. If you want to download Instagram to your mobile device, you need to either use the download link we provided for you above, or visit your device’s official store.

If you download from us, you may need to turn on the “unknown sources” option in your security settings. That way, everything will go off without a hitch. When you find the app on the site you want to download from, tap “DOWNLOAD”.

If you have an excellent connection the download could be finished in the blink of an eye… also, I’m envious. But if you have a bad or slow connection (our Wi-Fi is sooooo slow) you may need to wait a while. It’s not a very heavy app, so the wait isn’t that bad, to be honest. Once the download is finished, tap the new Instagram icon and that’s it! You just downloaded Instagram – now let’s get you set up.

Get started with Instagram

You need to register for an Instagram account if you don’t already have one. When you open the app, tap “Sign Up”. It will ask you to enter your email address or use your Facebook account; this is the info you will use afterwards whenever you login. Honestly, I jump for joy every time an app can integrate with a Facebook or Google login. One less username and password to remember.

Now that you’re logged in, you can view Instagram from your device. Now you will need to do a few things, like adding a profile picture. You can either capture it instantly or choose it from your device’s gallery. Do note that Instagram was designed for mobile pictures, so you can’t upload a pic from your computer… sorry  You can also edit your profile and tell the IG world about yourself. You can choose to display your chosen name (or not), write a website address (or not), quotes, etc. The nice thing is that Instagram doesn’t require you to fill any of these fields.

Now you can find your friends on Instagram, search for people you are interested in, and follow their accounts. Post your own photos or videos, and share whatever you like with your friends on other social networks such as Facebook in one tap. You can edit your pictures before sharing them on Instagram, too. Use the app’s famous selection of filters and editing tools, to make your photos special with a touch of art, or even repair bad pictures. Or go au naturale with a #nofilter selfie! You can share GIFs, create collages, time-lapse videos, and looping videos, and more.

Other features of Instagram

The list of reasons to download Instagram is a long one. There are so many great features for you to enjoy Instagram, be creative and make your time using Instagram more valuable. One of these features is that you can tag easily people; tap on the picture itself, on the person or object in it, and write your friend’s IG username, or simply choose the “Tag People” option.

If you like a photo or video, you can tap it twice to like it, or tap the heart icon below it. And if you want to mention one of your Instagram friends on it, type their Instagram name with @ in front of it in a comment (by tapping the bubble icon below the posted picture), and they will be notified.

Show off your best selfies, travel pics and food photos… and don’t forget your #hashtags!

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