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If you want to know how the Earth looks from the International Space Station, ISS HD Live is the app that you should download. Now you may see a live broadcast with beautiful images of the planet. Download ISS HD Live right now.

Do not miss this incredible adventure from the screen of your Smartphone and feel like an astronaut. Explore the wonders of outer space and all the great landscapes our planet has to offer.

Learn about the International Space Station with the astronauts; discover the images they capture outside the station. Watch live videos of Earth. Even the app will warn you so you can see the next sunrise live from the International Space Station. Download ISS HD Live and live an adventure you never imagined.

Discover the incredible world of space with ISS HD Live

ISS HD Live is an unforgettable experience. The interface of the app is simple and easy to understand. When you open it you will find the HD Live camera. On the left side, in the menu icon, you can choose among the different options what you want to see; how the SD camera, recordings of spacewalks and much more.

You can obverse the position of the ISS with respect to Earth, download ISS HD Live to enjoy the best sunset.

With ISS HD Live you can enjoy NASA TV and NASA TV Media; a channel that presents NASA mission programs, scientific research and live broadcasts of rocket launches.

You will also be able to watch the videos of Spacewalk; a collection of HD recordings made by astronauts outside the ISS and recorded with Go Pro cameras.

In addition, you have the possibility to watch recordings made with night cameras that capture lightning, aurora borealis and even, the lights of the cities. Download ISS HD Live and take a tour inside each module of the International Space Station accompanied by astronauts.

You have the opportunity to receive different notifications about everything that happens. For example, the app alerts you every time there is a "Spacewalk". The app has a minute counter to notify you every time a sunset or sunrise occurs. This happens every 45 minutes or so, so you do not have to miss it.

With ISS HD Live you can download and share the videos of your preference and there is even a chat where you can share your opinions about this wonderful experience.

How to download ISS HD Live?

You can download ISS HD Live on any of your iOS and Android devices through the corresponding app stores. It is an app brought by VKL Apps for all audiences and that really occupies very little space in the memory of your device.

This is a completely free app, but you should know that it contains ads. ISS HD Live is compatible with Google Cast so you can enjoy the Earth images from your home TV.

Discover how great our planet is from this amazing app. Now we leave a link for download.


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