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If you want to have fun playing on your mobile device, today we bring you an app that you cannot miss to have good times of fun. June’s Journey is a search game where you must become a real detective to solve the most curious mysteries. Download June’s Journey right now on your Smartphone or Tablet and start having fun with everything this app has to offer. Play right now and let the fun begin.

When you start playing you must travel back in time to the 20s and become June Parker, a fan of solving mysteries. The more you play, the more details you will begin to learn about the gripping story behind the little initial mysteries. Each time the game will get more complicated and, of course, much more interesting. Start playing right now and discover all the information about this wonderful game.

So that you can learn more about this app, we have created this post for you. Find out how to download June’s Journey and how to enjoy all the features that this amazing app has to offer. Start playing this amazing game and you won't regret it. Will you be able to discover each of the mysteries?

Solve the mysteries by playing June’s Journey

June’s Journey is a puzzle game where you must search for hidden objects in many different scenes. This game has a captivating story that will catch you from the first moment, and the more you delve into what is happening in this town, the more you will want to continue playing. Every time you solve a puzzle you will advance in this story full of romance, danger, mystery and lots of action.

This game has different scenarios, and in each puzzle you must find new hidden objects. Get extra points for finding the objects quickly; But remember that you can also lose points for deliberately touching the screen. Search carefully and find the objects you need to continue the story.

Meet new characters who will turn the story upside down and solve all the mysteries by traveling around the town. This game is very entertaining and you won't want to stop playing. June’s Journey is a game for the whole family, and it's a great way to exercise your mind.

Download June’s Journey right now and start enjoying this exciting adventure. Take June Parker around town and get to the end of the story.

How to download June’s Journey?

To start playing this fabulous game, you must download June’s Journey on your mobile device. You can have this app on your Smartphone or Tablet with Android or iOS, downloading it from Google Play and App Store respectively. At the end of this post we will leave you the official links so you can download this incredible game and start playing on the device you want.

Playing June’s Journey is completely free, but you can get extra features by paying for packages and upgrades with real money. You must not have an internet connection to play and solve all the mysteries. Download June’s Journey on your Smartphone or Tablet and enjoy everything that this app has for you.


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  • Updated 25 April, 2022
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June’s Journey

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