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If what you are looking for is an app that fills you and your closest friends with energy, we recommend Just Dance Now. This game that for years has made us spend hours and hours of fun with our friends and family, has reached GooglePlay. Download Just Dance Now in Android.

You will no longer need a video game console to play Just Dance Now. Download Just Dance Now and dance your favorite songs anywhere.

Just Dance Now is an option to get fit by following the dance steps that the game has for us. You can play alone or with the players that you like.

Prepare your Smartphone and any other screen connected to the internet to start playing the easiest way. Cheer up and invite your friends to have a good time.

Start dancing everywhere with Just Dance Now

The Just Dance series, the most wanted dance game in the world, brings Just Dance Now; a game for people who do not have video game consoles and have always wanted to play and dance.

Now to convert a room into a dance floor you only need your cell phone and a screen that has an internet connection. You just have to download Just Dance Now to your phone and go to in the browser of your smartTV or computer. So you can pair both teams by entering a code.

After doing this, you'll be ready to dance whenever you want. Just Dance Now has a free version with more than 50 songs. You also have the option of obtaining a VIP version where you will have access to another number of songs without ads.

By inviting your friends to dance Just Dance Now you can activate the option that allows you to record your dance challenges in social networks. This edition is much more fun than the console version.

Your choice of dance without limit in the number of participants makes the game a social and fun meeting. New songs are added to the app every month. You also have the option to create your own playlist with your favorite songs.

Share this wonderful secret with your favorite people and invite all your friends to play Just Dance. Download Just Dance Now and activate HealthKit to track how many calories you can burn by dancing.

Some of the songs that Just Dance Now brings to you are from Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee to Another Ones Bites The Dust of Queen.

How to download Just Dance Now?

You can get Just Dance Now on Google Play for Android for free. Have fun with the best songs and choreography that this game has for you. Play with more people in real time. Below we leave you the Just Dance Now link so you can download it right now.

The graphics of the app have nothing to envy to the console game; It is an experience that spreads joy and fun to the fullest. Let yourself be enveloped by this experience and become the best dancer.

Learn new steps and share them with everyone. Download Just Dance Now and do not let your body stay with the desire to dance ever again.


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  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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Just Dance Now

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