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If you enjoy a good story and you are surrounded by the legendary legend that King Arthur, definitely King of Avalon is the game for you. Download King of Avalon and have fun with a strategic game where magic is the protagonist. Begin this adventure and become the best king!

Build your own empire, train soldiers, make strong alliances and destroy your enemies in this incredible title of Diandian Interactive Holding. Do not miss the opportunity to command an army of dragons in the best Targaryen style. Be the best king with the most powerful army of all time!

Start playing King of Avalon and create an army of dragons

The story of King of Avalon begins just after the death of the benevolent King Arthur at the hands of his nephew. The players are in control and the one who manages to raise the sword Excalibur will be crowned King. You must control the armies of heroes and dragons to fight the battles that will bring you victory and the throne.

Much of the interesting thing about this game is the way in which the construction of your empire will be decisive for your way of playing. Although this is a feature we see in similar titles, the element of the dragons and how it relates to the development of your empire is quite interesting. Be able to protect your villagers from the fierce flames of a dragon.

As you may have noticed, magic and dragons form a great part of the power of this great game; you must be able to train your dragon and be able to use magic in your favor to be victorious in the fighting. Download King of Avalon and become the successor of King Arthur.

How to download King of Avalon?

You can download King of Avalon on your Smartphone or Tablet and it is available for both Android and iOS users. It is a free download game and although you have the option to buy within the app, its gameplay without these possible options.

Show that you are a knight of the round table and become the next King of Avalon. Become a legendary character, be the ideal monarch just as King Arthur was.

Among the main features of the game are: raising a dragon and customizing his attack and defense skills. The classic PVP where you can fight against other players to dominate their base.

You can also form a team to forge the best weapons and armor for your heroes. Join an alliance and defeat impossible enemies and train different units of archers, infantrymen, cavalry and more to win in all battles.

King of Avalon is a strategy MMO game with 2D graphics for mobile devices. It differs from other similar titles by its quality in graphics and visual effects. Interaction with other users is essential today in games of this type, and King of Avalon accomplishes this very well with the help of the translator that brings the game. Download King of Avalon and dominate this world in conflict.

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King of Avalon

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