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KKBOK is an app that offers a subscription music service and has more than 40 million songs available. This is the number one music app in the Asian continent with more than 4.5 million registered users. This great app allows you to search among its large number of songs to listen to them through the app or even download and store them on your Smartphone. KKBOX does not compare with any other service because it is not just a searching music app. It also brings entertainment and a community for music lovers. Download KKBOX opens the doors to thousands and thousands of songs available for you.

KKbox already has more than 20 million downloads and an incredible musical experience that you must try. In this post we will show you how it works and how you can download KKBOX.

How does KKBOX Works

KKBOX offers a complete music library, which you can explore according to various genres or moods. You can enjoy unlimited music online or offline, also from multiple devices. KKBOX subscribers can stream music online and save songs in the memory of their smartphones to access them offline. It also offers its unsubscribed members a limited number of free downloads per day. You can access an extensive compilation of editorials, exclusive interviews with artists, news of the show and articles from the community.

KKBOX in addition to having tools that other music services have, offers other tools that are exclusive and never seen before. Among these, it has the Rolling lyrics function: with every song the user plays, the lyrics of the song appear, verse by verse, in Karaoke style.

This app offers you a personalized reproduction, recommending new tracks that you might like according to your reproduction history. For this it has a high playback quality of 320 kbps with surround support DTS so you can enjoy your musical experience more.

Download KKBOX will not only let you listen to all your favorite songs and more. It also offers live streaming of concerts of your favorite artists, with the best audio and video effects. In addition, you can watch through the app the YouTube trend videos specially selected by KKBOX for you. And as an extra, the possibilities of recognizing the melody that you hums or listen to in seconds, which you can then add to your playlist.

KKBOX is an app that has become popular in Asia and is preferred by the artists of that continent for the releases of their music. You can download KKBOX and start enjoying a different musical experience than you are used to.

How to download KKBOX

Download KKBOX is very easy and right away you can start enjoying hundreds of songs that this app offers for you. The download is completely free and you can find it in APP Store and Google Play. Here we will leave you the shortcuts so you can download KKBOX.

This app requires internet connection and also a subscription that can be free or you can buy it to have unlimited access to your entire music library. KKBOX is currently not available in all countries.


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