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About the app

Kodi is a very functional app with which you can turn your mobile device into a player of all types of files. This app is widely used by people around the world thanks to the ease of its open source; You can modify the program yourself to make it work for you. This app is ideal for watching movies, videos, playing music and much more. Now we explain everything you need to know about this app and how to download Kodi on your devices.

As Kodi is such a versatile app you can download it on Android and iOS; besides that you can have it on your Windows computer, and other devices such as Smart TV, some video game consoles and more.

How to use Kodi?

Kodi is an app that will allow you to view all types of multimedia content on your mobile device; or on any device where you have this app installed. In this way you can watch series, movies, even TV channels, or listen to music and view photos. This app is open source, so any user can download it and transform it to what they need most; You can adapt this app to all your needs, such as storage space and more.

In addition, the features of this app will allow you to view content from other apps, such as YouTube or SoundCloud. This makes it the perfect app to download on Android Smart TV.

To begin using this app, the first thing you should do is to blame Kodi; You can have this app on your Android and iOS devices. After you have installed the app you can go to the tools to configure Kido as it suits you. You can change the language, control the resolution of video, form of the subtitles, etc.

Remember that Kodi is just a file player, so at first you will not have any type of content. This content must be added by clicking on the 'add' option. Then you must select the folder where your files are so that Kodi can play them. This process will be the same with all the file types you want to play. Once you have set up the app, you will find all the videos or music available on the main screen.

If you want to use other sources such as YouTube or SoundCloud you must configure the category called 'add-ons'. If you download Kodi on a Smart TV with Android you can play files from USB memories. Download this app right now and start using Kodi.

How to dowload Kodi?

If you want to download Kodi all you have to do is follow these simple steps. You can have this app for free on your Android and iOS devices. For Android the app is avaliable on the Google Play Store, but for iOS you will have to download it from the Kodi's official site.  To make this process easier for you, we have left the shortcuts to download this app at the end of this post. Go now and start using Kodi in all your devices!


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About Kodi
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