Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Lapse: A Forgotten Future

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Lapse: A Forgotten Future

The great developer Cornago Stefano presents an entertaining and interesting proposal: Lapse: A Forgotten Future. The game begins in 2075, years after a war that is little known destroys the planet almost completely. Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future right now on all your devices to start enjoying this wonderful game.

Your mission within the game is to wisely govern one of the four nations that make up this new post-apocalyptic Earth. Only you will be in charge of maintaining balance. Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future and start an enigmatic adventure in a disconcerting future.

Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future and discover that it is a game is quite simple; As soon as it starts it shows you in what year you are and you wake up like the president of a country without a name. You have no recollection of who you are or how you came to the presidency; the members of your cabinet come and ask you to start making decisions about situations. There are four meters that determine the health of your nation: environment, society, security and finances.

Lapse: A Forgotten Future is one of the best strategy games for smartphones

The objective of the game is to achieve a balance between all the meters;  to begin you must make decisions that allow you to keep enough power. Problems and events will appear and your goal is to make sure that no part of your government reaches the limit. Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future and test your ability to make difficult decisions.

The design is minimalist and the mechanics are easy to understand; you are presented with different letters presented as the people assigned to each ministry with different problems. You will have to give a solution by dragging the letter to the right or to the left.

No decision you make will be without consequences. Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future and put your beliefs to the test when you have to apply them to extreme situations as reasonable. Each time you fail you will start again from the beginning; however, time continues to advance due to a temporary anomaly that makes you immortal until you manage to reach one of the three endings.

As you begin to make the right decisions and correct the wrong ones, you are introduced to new characters with new, more difficult situations. Science fiction is present in the game, not only will you have to make decisions as to whether or not to finance an alien research unit, but you will also be presented with sudden trips in time, mutant creatures and many more.

How to download Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Lapse: A Forgotten Future is a free app that is only available for Android. You can find it in the Google Play Store and for devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.

You will not need an Internet connection to enjoy this fantastic game. Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future right now and start your journey as president in a post-apocalyptic world.

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