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There is nothing better to distract the mind than a good game, and nothing better than one where you can kill the zombies with your favorite superheroes. Fight, build and train to exterminate the zombie outbreak that is destroying humanity! Do not forget to download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies and live the most exciting adventure!

Simulation games are still a great bet for the most fans of video games; and definitely this app has arrived to surprise us all.

In this videogame we will find a variety of heroes that we have all seen on the big screen before; and that this time they will help us to defeat those zombies that put us in danger.

This is what Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies brings for you

At the beginning of our game we will find a base that will be ours and in which we must build and improve the buildings. This is where we can obtain more resources and soldiers.

In Last Heroes, or also known as Clash of Zombies, our goal will be to build protection to protect ourselves from the enemy.

Download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies means to fight accompanied by the best team. Since it will be formed by your favorite heroes, some of them are: Goku, Hulk, Ichigo, Wonder Woman or Hellboy, among others.

In addition to confronting zombies and enjoying wonderful characters, we will see mutants, enemies and even villainous bosses.

Besides protecting our base, a very important job is to make our heroes along with the soldiers go directly to the enemy bases to attack.

We also have to work to get extremely powerful weapons and armor that work properly to level up. If we can’t do it, our characters will look very bad in battles.

In Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies you must stay informed in each of your options. So you can if you can claim new heroes, make better purchases, find the heroes you have available to invoke a new one and deploy it. When going to the palestra option we can start a challenge to our enemy.

During a challenge we can choose which hero can be sent and which ones can attack. We recommend you to download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies because it has an incredible variety of elements that we can use and go placing as we advance level to improve our battles and attacks.

How to download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies

To download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies you can go to the App Store or Google Play for IOS and Android completely free. This video game assures you very good times of strategy and fight with your friends and players from all over the world to show that your team is the best. Below we leave the link to download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies.

This video game invites you to enjoy the experience with other players or friends. With it you will be able to face users from different parts of the world and build your own league and position yourself in the league war.

Playing in Arena with other players will earn you a good amount of energy stones. So we recommend you to venture with your friends. Download Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies right now.

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Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies

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