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Are you ready to play one of the best games for mobile devices? Discover Lifty, the game where you must take passengers to the floors of their color. The more you play, the more complicated everything becomes, but it also becomes more fun. Download Lifty and start playing right now. This game is very fun and will keep you entertained for many hours. Start playing now!

Lifty is a game of agility where you must transport passengers in an elevator. Each of the passengers has a color and you must take them to the floor of the same color. Start playing now and discover everything Lifty has to have fun. Although it seems like a simple game, it gets harder every time. Do not waste any more time and start playing.

Keep reading this post to discover everything Lifty has for you. This game is very fun and will make you have a good time for a long time. Start playing this fun game right now and discover everything you can do with Lifty. You can have this game on your smartphone or tablet to start having fun right now.

Get to the top of the tower and get all the points with Lifty

Lifty is a very fun game in which you will become the elevator operator of a very tall tower. This tower is full of people who need to get to their floors as soon as possible, and it will be your job to get everyone to their floors on time. Download Lifty and start playing this amazing and fun game. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful game.

The rules of the game are simple, you must take the elevator passengers to their corresponding floors before the time runs out. Each passenger must reach the floor of the same color. If the time runs out the passengers will explode, and if 3 of them explode the game will end. Start right now to enjoy everything that Lifty has for you.

While you play you will go up levels to discover all the floors of the tower, and while you play you should go collecting all the coins you can. With coins you can unlock new lifts with fun shapes. Download this game right now and start playing.

How to download Lifty?

If you want to start playing this fantastic game you just need to download Lifty on your smartphone or tablet. You can get this game for Android and iOS completely free from Google Play and App Store respectively. At the end of this post you will find a link to download this app on any of your mobile devices.

Start now to play Lifty and discover everything that this amazing game has for you. Do not miss the opportunity to play Lifty, discover everything this fantastic game has for you. Have all the passengers reach their corresponding floors and discover how high you can get in the tower.

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