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About the app

The LinkedIn social network decided to launch a great tool for you to learn with online courses: LinkedIn Learning. Improve your business skills and acquire new knowledge with this fantastic app. Do not stop developing all your skills anywhere and anytime. Download LinkedIn Learning right now.

Learn about marketing, management and administration, graphic design and much more.

Download LinkedIn Learning and form yourself in different areas. If you want to know how and where to download LinkedIn Learning, keep reading this article.

Learn and improve your curriculum with LinkedIn Learning

Expanding knowledge is always good and profitable for the work environment. Learning new skills can be very useful when it comes to wanting to get a job or even an increase.

Thanks to technology you now have the facility to use apps that help you grow in different areas. If you want to improve and develop different job skills you must download LinkedIn Learning.

After registering, the first thing you will see are different skill options and you will have to choose the ones you want to develop. The app recommends courses according to your abilities but this is not the only way to discover courses.

You can also search for them by the categories: business, creativity and technology. Another way is the trends, which shows you the most wanted courses.

With LinkedIn Learning you can download the videos to see them without an Internet connection. You can also save them to see them later, and you can even share them with your friends.

You take the course of learning at your own pace. When you finish a course, you will be able to add them to your profile on LinkedIn and you will even receive specialized recommendations about the courses you sign up for. Download LinkedIn Learning and become the best professional you can be.

To download LinkedIn Learning can provide you with a great advantage if you are starting in the labor market or if you start to develop in a specific area.

The incredible courses will help you improve in different aspects. So that you can manage to work in your office or achieve all the professional goals you set for yourself.

Even if you own a business or company, LinkedIn Learning can provide you with the best tools to keep your business growing. Download this app and do not stop learning.

How to Download LinkedIn Learning?

If you want to download LinkedIn Learning you can do it from your Android and iOS devices. This is a free download app but you must pay a subscription if you want to access all the courses.

If before you pay you would like to know how LinkedIn Learning works, you can try this app with the free trial month it offers.

Download this app and learn everything you need to keep growing in your work field. You can acquire new and useful knowledge in a large number of topics and areas.

Learn about strategic planning, videogame development, database and software administration all in one app. If you are interested in downloading LinkedIn Learning now we leave you the link.


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LinkedIn Learning

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