Little Alchemy 2

If you like games that challenge your originality and ability to solve problems, then Little Alchemy 2 is for you. This game created by Jakun Koziol consists of combining different elements to create new and diverse components. Start playing this fun game right now for all ages; download Little Alchemy 2 right now.

This second version of the game brings incredible improvements; If you are a fan of the original Little Alchemy you must know that the gameplay will be essentially the same but everything else has changed. If you want to enjoy an easy and entertaining game keep reading so you can download Little Alchemy 2.

Become a true alchemist with Little Alchemy 2

The Little Alchemy 2 gameplay is still like the one in the first title: simple and intuitive. This game is for you to develop combinations in an original way and many times being patient enough to be able to analyze and mix elements correctly.

The most exciting update is the amount of new elements that you can mix; Now you have the opportunity to create mythological beings such as unicorns and phoenixes. With this new and entertaining game you can also create continents and planets. Download Little Alchemy 2 and create the world from scratch.

Another of the improvements is that now brings a new redesign of the icons and the work table where you make the mixes of the elements. Also, when downloading this great game you can enjoy an original soundtrack. Another amazing improvement is a detailed encyclopedia with statistics and information for players to achieve the more than 600 combinations available.

This new encyclopedia is divided into two tab: home and articles. In the home tab you can see all the elements you have discovered and the number of final elements you have found. The articles tab is much more detailed; there you can search by categories or by the specific name. You will find relevant information about the element, such as the number of combinations that you have not yet found and the combinations used to discover it.

Koziol has maintained a rigid stance on monetization and as in the previous game; Little Alchemy 2 is completely free and does not use ads. As a player you have the option to buy premium coins called “research points” with real money; with these coins you can unlock tracks and tricks. Do not miss out on downloading Little Alchemy 2; now start playing this great game.

How to download Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is available for iOS and Android at the Apple App and Google Play stores. This is a free game that you can enjoy on your mobile device without using too much memory space; you will not need an Internet connection to entertain yourself with this simple game. Then we will leave the link to download this app and have many hours of fun.

Do not stop playing this amazing game on your Smartphone or Tablet. Start playing Little Alchemy 2 now and become an alchemist.

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