Luci Dream Journal

Luci Dream Journal

Luci Dream Journal

There aredays when we have incredible dreams to sleep that impress us by how vivid theywere. We would all like to remember them as clearly as possible, since we often forget how it was during the day. Or if we do not only endeavor to wake up, wemay forget it completely. Download Luci Dream Journal to register your dreams easily.

Some tips to try to remember dreams is to focus when you open your eyes, try to tell someone immediately, write it down or draw as fast as we can. We recommend Luci Dream Journal to support you in remembering your dreams using your mobile device in the most fun way possible.

Luci Dream Journal will help you remember your dreams

Recording your dreams is already possible thanks to the support of Luci Dream Journal.Thanks to a series of tools you can track them. Within the app you will havedifferent sections to start your trip.

Luci Dream Journal has a recorder that has the sole purpose of recording intelligently if you snore or speak while you sleep. This intelligent technology means that there is monitoring activated during the night or your moments of sleep. This way you can count on extra support in case you talked during that incredible dream you had.

Another option that you can use to not forget any of those dreams, not just the one you had during your current day; It is related to a series of brands to identify your most important dreams or those that have impressed you the most. In this way you can read each of them again at any time without forgetting any.

Not only doyou have the option to write about your dreams or record an audio if you do nothave time to write. You also have a section to draw your dreams, key elementsthat you remember or add photographs that can support you to remember. Sometimes remembering with a visual element can be of more help.

How to download Luci Dream Journal?

You can download this app directly from Google play for Android. It is a completelyfree app. Start recording everything you dream without fear of forgetting it thanks to this app; Write everything you remember and review it whenever youwant. Below we leave you the link to download Luci Dream Journal.

Something incredible that Luci Dream Journal has is that although we want to remember our dreams, at the time of awakening it is difficult to concentrate usually. So the app brings some reminders or alarms that sound right at the time you indicateso you do not forget it. This option is great if it’s just what you needed; something that you will quickly remember to do nothing else before saving yourdream.

The app has a privacy mode so you will not be afraid of other people taking your phone; So nobody can read your deepest and secret dreams at any time. The app reminds youpreviously that methods do not work in the same way for all people in the sameway. Each person is different and you should only try and find your ideal.

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