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Definitely, music games are one of our favorites. From the same idea of Piano Tiles, a new piano simulator called Magic Piano Tiles has arrived on our mobile devices. In this game you will find the well-known piano songs, newest songs and many anime soundtrack songs. If you want to feel like a true pianist, download this wonderful game right now. Now we show you how to play this fun game and how to download Magic Piano Tiles. Download this game right now to have hours of guaranteed fun.

How to play Magic Piano Tiles

When you download Magic Piano Tiles you will start having a lot of fun playing different melodies in a piano simulator. The dynamics of the game is quite simple; at the beginning of the song, circles will descend in four different columns; each of these circles is a note. While you are touching the notes you will play the song. If you don’t touch one of the notes, you will automatically lose.

Although it sounds simple, when you start playing it will get harder and harder. You must have a lot of agility to play all the notes; because every time the notes will go down faster. Each song will have two game parts; in the first part you will play the song at normal speed. If you manage to finish the whole song at normal speed you will have 2 stars. But then you should play the song at a much higher speed. If you manage to finish the whole song, you will receive 5 stars and all points.

Each time you finish a song with 5 stars you can unlock from one to three songs. So the more you play the more songs you can unlock. Also, after playing a song you will also receive coins. With these coins you can buy exclusive and new songs. Among these songs you will find anime soundtracks and new release songs. If you are a very good pianist, you can create your own melodies in the game.

You can synchronize your game with Facebook to compete against your friends; and you will also have the possibility to create your own songs. Another of the great novelties of Magic Piano Tiles is that you can compete in a game against 3 random players. If you win these competitions you will earn more coins to unlock new songs. Download Magic Piano Tiles right now and start enjoying all the fun.

How to download Magic Piano Tiles

If you want to download Magic Piano Tiles to start enjoying this awesome game follow these steps. For now this game is just available for Android devices. So all you need to do is go to the Google Play and search the name of this game. To make It easier, at the end of this post you will find a shortcut to download Magic Piano Tiles on your Android.

This game is free but includes ads and options to buy within the app. Also, be sure that you have enough storage space. Start now playing this fun and awesome game.

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